Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Sit Down and Talk “Closer”, Chainsmokers, and Everything Else

In 2016 Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were interviewed by the interview magazine. The duo was on the rise and enjoying much success. 2-16 was the year they broke out as artists, having previously broken into the mainstream two years prior. Whereas 2014’s “#Selfie” made the duo famous. It would be 2016’s “Closer” that would pull them from their genre. Now, in the wake of “Closer” becoming diamond certified this interview is worth another look.

The event was conducted by Mathias Rosenzweig. He began by asking the usual questions about the duet’s origins. For Pall it began it was a hobby that turned serious, for Taggart it was something fun to do in college. Neither of them ever expected to become ridiculously successful. Rosenzweig next talks about the song and asks about Halsey. Halsey, who at the time was relatively unknown, collaborated with the duo on “Closer”. The song when on to be her first charting hit and served as her breakthrough into the mainstream. Pall and Taggart had nothing bad to say about her. In fact, they were both over the moon about her. Pall stated that she was a joy to work with and extremely talented. The interview also broached the subject of their style. Here is where it gets interesting.

“Closer” was written by Andrew Taggart and another DJ. They wrote it on the tour bus as the story goes. Taggart also provided lead vocals on the song. This is not really done in the EDM world. EDM DJ’s leave such things up to other artists. “We never wanted to just make dance music,” Pall said. According to Pall the duo is very focused on identity. They also try to remain relevant by doing new things. In his intro Rosenzweig described it as a desire to better connect with their audience and it was. Pall and Taggart wanted to be considered artists not just DJs. “Closer” was their attempt to set themselves apart and it worked. The duo is now known as a EDM/pop group. The Chainsmokers is more successful than ever and “Closer” is a mega hit.

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