Alex Hern and Detail-Oriented Communications

Alexander F. Hern is the name of an All-American powerhouse in the world of business. He’s a celebrated executive who is associated with a company that’s called Tsunami VR. He made the company come into existence as well. He assumes many diverse positions with it. He’s the firm’s Co-Chairman, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at the same exact time. Milcom or “Military Commercial Technologies” is a business that’s close to Hern. He works as its Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder right now. Alex Hern made Strategic Acquisition Ventures, Ltd. come into fruition. Visit to know more.

Board membership is an in-depth concept that’s a big part of Alex Hern’s career. It’s a concept that’s been instrumental in his vocation for some time as well. He’s given his time to the boards of companies like Mobile Airwaves, Inc., Cloudshield, Arcsight, Alterego Networks, IRDG, Inkotomi and People who have any familiarity with Radialpoint, Inc. at all may know about Hern and all that he does at work as well. He represented Radialpoint as its thorough director at one point in the past. Radialpoint wasn’t always called that. It initially was referred to as Zero Knowledge Systems, Inc.


Hern gives his time and effort to a dazzling selection of groups in this world. He gives these things to groups like New Homes Realty Inc., AppDirect Canada Inc., UMF Group Inc. and Yesmail Inc. Hern undoubtedly is a professional who has a jam-packed schedule on his plate all of the time. People who wish to learn in great detail about virtual reality often take the time to listen to Hern. They frequently take the time to ask him intricate questions about the vast concept, too. Tsunami VR gives the world communications choices that can make taking care of business everywhere a much better and more organized experience. Learn more about Alex at

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