Achievements of Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Agency is totally and a full-service talent agency which majorly involves representing actors and models in the areas of corporate events, promotions, trade shows, conventions, fashion, catalog, print, voice-over, industrial videos, television, film and commercials hence improving their standards of living. The agency arrived in the Austin in the year 2010 as part of Brown Agency family. The Brown Agency grew very fast to develop to an industrial leader in the entire market with the primary goal of establishing prominent market expectations and standards that never existed in Austin hence acquiring a big market share in the fashion and talent industry. From the beginning, Austin talent and models have been working consistently for the greatest brands in the entire world such as Loreal, Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton and thousands of other companies well known worldwide. The fashion models have been involved in New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami swim week and other countless shows. Justin Brown who is the President of the agency worked his way all through to college by working and modeling at a modeling agency. He studied business management but was more interested in what was going on behind the cameras. He also acknowledges how the company selects the best individuals and prepping them in the high-level market as well as delivering the most dependable elegant and professional talent that Austin offers. At the moment Brown Agency is one of the leading agencies for print and fashion models in Austin, Texas area and also plays a significant role in the fashion and talent industry globally. Justin Brown leads enough number of models down runway both onto the screen and into print.

On the other hand, Brown Agency nurture and develop careers as well as working across all media focusing mainly on commercial, Television, Film, Fashion and Print. According to Brown Agency, the company represents above 200 talents who are subsidized or earn a full time living with the enterprise. Therefore, the company must keep the infrastructure and incentives so as to continue providing support to the talented hence improving their lifestyle.

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