A True-Hearted Review of EOS

A few cold autumn days ago, I was out window shopping with a dear friend of mine. She commented on how dry and chapped my lips were, so in a brief moment, I was digging through my purse, desperately searching for some relief. With no such luck, I asked her if she had anything that I could use and to my avail, my best friend handed me this odd, egg-shaped container. With no hesitation, she quickly told me that it was a lip care product simply called the Evolution of Smooth (or EOS for short, read also usmagazine.com.

As soon as I twisted off the cap, I was greeted with the sweet aroma of passion fruit, see also imabeautygeek.com. Within only an hour, I could see and feel the noticeable changes to my lips. They were restored back to looking plump and healthy! I could not believe it! How many years have I been looking for an inexpensive lip balm that actually WORKS?!

So of course, I went to the drug store and got a couple for myself. As it turns out, they have many different kinds of products including lip balm, lotions, and even shaving cream! I was in heaven. EOS have nine different flavors of organic lip balm, with absolutely no animal bi-products in it! Browse products here.

To say the least, I would highly recommend giving EOS a try! On a scale rating of 10 out of 10, I would indeed rate it at a 10.

Watch this amazing review now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc!


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