An entertainer impersonator imitates and copies the behavior and action of famous celebs in the industry.

They make fun and entertain the behavior and lifestyle. Impersonators in the entertainment industry, especially in the music, carry the best memories of favorite stars when they pass on. Impersonators have similar characters to the people they impersonate and use the famous music and arts to grow their fan base and talent. Though several impersonators are out making a career from it, others have a long childhood desire and fond of the star. The death of the famous star in the pop music also had several impersonators. Michal Jackson was very famous worldwide. He was the king of pop. His flashy lifestyle had many of fans like him. He had lovable dance styles and choreography. When Michael died in 2005, many of his fans started making a career of his music


The looks a like of Michael were highly imitated. The most outstanding was Mr. Sergio Cortes. He is Spanish citizen from Barcelona. Sergio has performed shows as Michel Jackson. His look alike and character of Michael Jackson is outstanding. Sergio grew interest of Michael Jackson since childhood. He accompanied his mother to the famous Jackson 5 show where he met Michael. Ever since he started imitating Michael and his talent grew as well fans who liked him as Michael’s impersonator. Sergio has a great vocal resemblance to Michel Jackson. His physical appearance is also very similar to that of the pop star. He has recreated all of Michael’s best song and choreography. Currently, his project is based in Italy where he performs a two-hour show

Sergio Cortes is an influential man In Latin America. He inspires several people through his actions that have seen his fan base grow. Many people who have watched his videos of his performances like the Michael Jackson character in him. The tribute to Michael Jackson shows which he performed brought him the public. His dancing style and meet and greet are famous are completely like that of the king of pop. Mr. Sergio performer is a client of an artistic development company known as Destiny project. The company moves young people through dance, theater, and martial arts. They specialize in training the young people and developing their talents. He is a complete look alike of Michael Jackson. His lifestyle is also like that of the famous star.

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