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Victoria Doramus and the Story of Addiction

It is very common for people to find themselves struggling with addiction. One of the misconceptions of addiction is often that only people who are poor can be addicted. The truth is that addiction can affect people in various walks … Continue reading

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William Saito: In Pursuit of Greatness

We are living in some of the most contemporary of times. What would life actually be like if there weren’t any advanced technologies? It would definitely be hard trying to imagine what life would be like, but we all should … Continue reading

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TransUnion’s New Leadership Position & The Direction of the Company

TransUnion is one of the premier credit agencies in the world, and it has been around since 1968. This particular company provides a host a financial services that are designed to keep businesses afloat. If these valuable financial services weren’t … Continue reading

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Sean Penn; Reviewing Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

When Pappy Pariah published Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, he did not know that people would take a major interest in continuing his talent. Born in Iowa, Pariah rightfully owns the original piece of the work that is now … Continue reading

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Dr. Saad Saad Helps Doctors See Clearly With His Alteration to the Endoscope

While practicing medicine is heavily reliant on the skills of the medical practitioner themselves, having the right equipment for the job at hand is equally as important in many cases. This is why over the last 40 years of his … Continue reading

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Bruno Fagali: Advocating for a Society without Corruption

Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but the problem of corruption remains. According to statistics, the country is still one of the most corrupt in the world, and the government is making only a little … Continue reading

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Victoria Doramus: Talented, Experienced Internationally-Known Writer And Marketing Expert

Victoria Doramus is a marketing expert specializing in market trend forecasting and brand strategy. Currently based in London, England, she is an experienced market trend analyst and has a deep understanding of global markets as well as consumer retail trends … Continue reading

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