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Thor Halvorssen / Human Rights Activist.

Thor Halvorssen is a Film producer and a human rights advocate. He was born Thor Leonardo Halvorssen but is referred to as Thor Halvorssen. Born March 9, 1976, Halvorssen is 40 years old and is from Venezuela. He is the … Continue reading

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Wilhelmina Brown Steals The Show In Austin

The Wilhelmina Brown Agency has made a new location in Austin. Something has caught the eye of the agency, inspiring them to make a permanent residence in the area. The launch party for Wilhelmina was featured on the Fashionably 8 … Continue reading

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Be Careful When Choosing An Online Reputation Management Company

The field of online reputation management has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few years. If you maintain any sort of online presence, you never know if or when you might need professional management of your own reputation. … Continue reading

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Working Out with the Fabletics Brand

Fabletics is a great brand of activewear that you have probably heard of in the past. The reason a lot of people are so interested in this particular brand is because of how high quality it is and the fact … Continue reading

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Community Banking In Texas

John Holt is President and CEO of Dallas-based Nexbank Capital, Inc. Recently, Mr. Holt attend the Texas Bankers Association Conference in New Orleans, which is an annual gathering that offers a forum for banks, consultants, and advisors to advance the … Continue reading

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Why Cleanse with WEN?

If you’ve ever tried co-washing, you know what I’m about to say…it’s the best! You can purchase one bottle for a low price, and then when you wash your hair you will end up with a shiny head of hair, … Continue reading

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Mullen Lowe CEO Jose Borghi Gives His Thoughts on Co-Branding

Co-branding is a common marketing strategy used by many companies today. Co-branding helps add unique attractive attributes to brands. However, sometimes co-branding is not beneficial. When companies decide to build a partnership with another company, they should analzye the partnership … Continue reading

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What To Expect With Wen

The Bustle article “I Used Cleansing Cleansing Shampoo On My fine Hair and Here Is What Happened” detailed a young woman’s experimental week using the hair product Wen. The writer describes in detail how her hair looked really good after … Continue reading

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Where Wen by Chaz Shines

What began as a passion for photography turned Chaz Dean into a stylist with celebrity clientele. He took some classes in photography and thought about their look so much he decided to attend cosmetology school. Once out of school, Dean … Continue reading

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