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Cara Delevingne Credits Her Success To Social Media

Now in days, social media is used for everything from selling an item to promoting one’s self, and social media can be used to find love too. Social media networks are all over the Internet, and they are very helpful … Continue reading

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My Perfect Honeymoon at the Dorchester Collection Hotel

Prior to my honeymoon last year, I had never heard of the Dorchester Collection luxury hotels. Our stay at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California was the perfect way to spend our first few days as Husband and … Continue reading

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Summer Fashion Trends Highlighted by Matt Landis

Get Ready For Summer Fashion  Hello fashion lovers, summer is right around the corner. It is time to get in shape and to start thinking about what you will be wearing for the summer. Here is a sneak peek of … Continue reading

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Botched Clinton Plans to Leak Bogus Info to Iran Result in Jail Time

A scandal during the Clinton Administration uncovered by a reporter during the Bush Administration several years later resulted in a former CIA operative being sent to jail this week. Jeffrey Sterling, now 47, worked for the Central Intelligence Agency many … Continue reading

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Do Wealthy Presidential Candidates Endure Media Bias?

It is a curious question as to whether the mainstream media is bigoted against wealthy presidential candidates. Take for instance former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. During the period of time from his last presidential run in 2008 through 2014, he … Continue reading

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Manicurist Poisioned By Everyday Salon Chemicals

According to a New York Times report, work doing manicures, and daily exposure to chemicals in cosmetics poses serious health risks to workers. Journalist Sarah Maslin Nir, who interviewed 125 manicurist in salons, collected testimonies about incessant coughing, skin lesions … Continue reading

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New Species of African Palm Signals Diamond Rich Kimberlite Pipes

An important discovery has been made that’s sure to send diamond hunters clambering. A geologist has discovered a relatively unknown mangrove-like palm tree in Liberia that appears to only grow above kimberlite pipes. Kimberlite pipes are the remnants of eruptions … Continue reading

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Beauty In All Sizes

Susan Koger, co-founder and chief creative officer of ModCloth, has spent years delved inside of the fashion industry. ModCloth is one of the only independently owned design stores catering to plus size women. In 2010, Koger conducted an independent survey … Continue reading

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Official BMI Calculations Are Hurting Career Models

Modeling is a tough business especially when criticism and industry qualifications go deeper than looks and how well a person wears certain fashion. In countries like Spain and France, modeling agencies and photographers can be financially penalized for showcasing models … Continue reading

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