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Jennifer Lawrence’s Key to Good On-Screen Chemistry: “No Sex”

How do Hollywood elitists Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper manage to keep their chemistry so composed both on and off screen? No sex. The two are reportedly not involved in a romantic relationship. Lawrence addressed the issue during an interview … Continue reading

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Cold Cap: An Effective Hair Saving Treatment For Chemotherapy Patients

Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to slow the growth of cancer cells within the body. Often times, those same drugs also kill the healthy cells that grow hair. It is the loss of hair that so many cancer patients … Continue reading

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Lenses With “Zoom” to See Three Times as Far

  The American Association for the Advancement of Science , based in San Jose (California), has introduced a breakthrough that solves many problems associated with the lack of vision and macular degeneration , without going under the knife. A new … Continue reading

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Red hair against school dress code

According to an article on, a high school girl in Missouri was sent home for having unnatural red hair. Regardless, the high school principle commented to her about her hair being bright and then proceeded to tell her she … Continue reading

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Antiquities: The Silent War Victim

We are all aware of the human victims of war, stories about them are everywhere. But what about the heritage of a country embroiled in war? We don’t often here about them. One of the tenets of belief of the … Continue reading

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Learning About app Skout, A Place To Meet Other People

One of the most important events in anyone’s life is finding a compatible person with which to form a long lasting relationship or just become friends. For many people this has become a difficult situation. Fortunately, it is now possible … Continue reading

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