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2015 Has an Inspiring New Leading Color

Many people like Christian Broda think of dreamy and invigorating wine when they think of Marsala, when they should actually be seeing red in a whole new way. 2015 has a new color trend, and it all begins with this … Continue reading

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3-D Printed Skirt

  3-D printing is a relatively new concept that most people like Igor Cornelsen are still adjusting to. However, the printing industry has worked really hard to make 3-D printing possible and improve upon it every day. Recently, it has … Continue reading

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Smart Jewelry May Be the Next Popular Wearable Tech

In 2015, the manufacturers of high tech wearable devices will compete with one another to persuade consumers to purchase a number of internet connected items, ranging from glass frame attachments to watches to polo shirts and even jewelry. In fact, … Continue reading

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Web Design as Art

While many see web design as simply a means to an end, there is more that goes into good design than simply efficient function. There is a way in which an artist usually paints his or her canvas and in … Continue reading

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Victoria Secret Models Dance To Taylor Swift Song

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Taylor Swift’s upcoming performing at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, and the show will be airing on December 9, 2014, at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time, on CBS. For those who … Continue reading

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Amazing Shots

Though we may all dabble in photography and may get a zillion likes on Instagram or on Facebook, not many photos can measure up to the ones that have been recently found. These 74 phenomenal photographs are beyond fantastic and … Continue reading

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Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson is Living His Dream

Famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson has been capturing iconic images for decades. Known for his provocative images, Richardson frequently photographs models and celebrities both doing mundane things as well as nude or simulating sexual acts. He also captures them wearing … Continue reading

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