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Attorney General Asks For Delay in Same Sex Marriages

On Thursday, same sex couples will be allowed to legally marry in South Carolina. The Attorney General of South Carolina has now requested that the Supreme Court delay the legalization in order for the appeal process to continue. This comes … Continue reading

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New CEO at Gap Looks Ahead

There will be a new face at the head of Gap, America’s super store of suburban retail, and that is Art Peck. Peck is a 55 year old digital chief from within the company who will act as CEO starting … Continue reading

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Would You Wear a Dress That Reveal Your Mood or Emotions?

Many people feel uncomfortable showing their moods and emotions, yet Bruce Karatz feels the fashion world is designing dresses that will do just that. In these dresses, will the word ‘stoic’ become obsolete? The Bubelle Dress is a two layer … Continue reading

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