Art Imitates Life with Ryan Seacrest

Joining Kelly Ripa as co-host of the now-titled Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ryan Seacrest has made a seamless transition into his position on the show. Kelly Ripa spent time hosting the show solo after Michael Strahan made his exit from the hit morning show on ABC. The network spent time looking for the perfect replacement without rushing their process. Their patience was rewarded when they found Ryan Seacrest and his on-screen chemistry with Kelly Ripa has kept the show a morning staple. The easy banter that they have with each other has inspired a new show called Work Wife, which highlights the close relationship that colleagues often form with each other after spending copious amounts of time together in a work environment. Both Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) are set to executive produce the series, with successful writer Michael Ian Black taking on both writing and executive producing as well.

Executive producing Work Wife will certainly not be a new role for Ryan; he currently executive products mega-hit television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well as a multitude of the series spin-offs, and many red carpet shows on the E! television network. In addition to executing producing, Ryan also hosts the long-running television show American Idol and his popular radio show On Air with Ryan.

When Ryan isn’t working in Los Angeles or New York City, he focuses his attention on his foundation, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation which brings creative outlets to children’s hospitals around the country. Called Seacrest Studios, these highly-equipped media centers allow sick children the opportunity to take a break from hospital life and immerse themselves in a creative outlet and pursue and develop their media skills. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has brought in many celebrities as well to inspire the children, from Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez.

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David McDonald: Why The Company Is Highly Preferred By Food Consumers

The demand for food is increasing around the world due to the increasing population and the tendency for people to prefer take-away food from the stores rather than preparing their own food.

However, despite the growth of the fast food industry, not all food selling companies have expanded but one; OSI Group. This is a food processing company based in United States but has spread across the continent and it now operating in a significant number of countries around the world.

David McDonald OSI Group, who is the president of the rapidly expanding food supplying company tries to justify as to why the company is being proffered by the customers as compared to other food companies in particular regions. It is evident that the organization is having a good will in the industry, which has proven difficult for other organizations to access. Here are some of the main reasons making the company to be proffered by customers.

High Hygiene Levels
Food industry is one of the most sensitive industries that can cause disasters, especially when the food is not properly checked or certified. A large number of individuals purchase food products with fear that they might end up getting low quality or expired food which can cause health complications. However, this has not been the case OSI Group. David McDonald OSI Group pays significant attention to the food products produced and sold by the companies to ensure that they meet industrial standards and they don’t prove to be a source of danger to many individuals.

Read more: David McDonald: ISU Graduate And OSI Group’s President And CEO

Customization of Services
David McDonald OSI Group has already realized that the market is quickly changing whereby customers are not satisfied with the traditional food sold by fast food selling companies. Customers are now looking for something personalized to meet their needs and interests. This changing in consumer buying and consumption behavior has made OSI Group to change its strategy.

David McDonald OSI Group has now implemented a policy where the organization is providing customized food products. The company has been selling what the customers’ demands. The new approach has helped the company to attract a huge number of customers and retain them despite the high levels of competition in the industry.


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Gulf Coast Western – Gas and Oil Exploration and Development

Companies that explore and produce oil and gas continually look for new ways to remain competitive. Gulf Coast Western is one such company, and works hard to optimize their production capabilities while keeping the environment safe. Production efficiency can help reduce extraction costs and offset the cost of exploration.

Gulf Coast Western oversees operations in Oklahoma, Colorado, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas. These are gas-rich states in regions of the Gulf Coast. However, Gulf Coast Western conducts oil and gas operations in other areas of the country. In the process, the company has developed an extensive network of partnerships to secure and capitalize on projects that bring a significant return on investment. The company also endeavors to reduce any risk to participating partners.

There is always a risk associated with oil and gas exploration. As such, Golf Coast Western only joint-ventures with individuals who can qualify as accredited investors. These are people with a new worth, over liabilities, of $1 million dollars or more. The person’s income should also exceed $200,000 or a joint spousal income should exceed $300,000. An additional qualifying criterion allows anyone who qualifies as an accredited investor.

Today’s environment of oil and gas shortages have made the industry quite competitive. Companies like Gulf Coast Western have built strong organizations that allow them to explore and mine hard-to-find resources. This also speaks to the technology that Gulf Western uses in its extraction operations. Quite often, gas and oil companies must operate in less-than-friendly environments that are also remote.

Gulf Coast Western is also among the companies that utilize technology to improve their decision making processes. Technology enables the company to find and tap new resources, improve recovery operations, and reduce or change operations that affect the environment in a negative way. For more information, interested parties should call the company direct.

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Doe Deere Emerged Herself In Lime Crime

Doe Deere is known for keeping things interesting at Lime Crime. This is the outrageously popular brand of cosmetics that has hit home with teenagers. Young adults are also taking interest in the alternative to the traditional style of lipstick, lipgloss and eyeliner. That has made it possible for Doe Deere to be recognized in a number of different circles. It is almost impossible to overlook what she has done when it comes to her lead as a female entrepreneur.

The reason for a large majority of her success is simple. She knows how to balance her business and her personal life and blend these two things together. Doe Deere is someone that loves fashion. This has allowed her to build a career where she talks about style along with cosmetics. These are the things that has allowed Doe Deere to get the attention of people that want these type of fashion and makeup tips.

The business of running Lime Crime tends to work well for Doe Deere because anyone that looks at what she is doing will easily see that she treats her business very much like this is just another day in her personal life. Cruelty free products is what she promotes, and that is another thing that appeases consumers that are animal lovers. There are also people that are impressed with her intimate approach to marketing.

Some people that take a look at what she has done can see that she is resourceful. She knows how to put herself in a place where people can recognize what she is doing with pallettes and lipstick. She knows how her connection to her fan base depends on the way that she communicates. Everyone that takes a look at what she is doing through her brand realizes that she looks at her customers more so as friends than people that are patronizing her business. Most people that are buying from her do not consider her so much so to be a business woman. many women see her, more so, as a lover of cosmetics that just happens to sell the products she loves.

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Michael Hagele Goes Around America To Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is really the bees knees when it comes to having a good time. Michael Hagele, a Silicon Valley lawyer, understands this fact. This is why he fills his personal life with mountain bike adventures. Michael Hagele travels to other parts of the country to mountain bike on trails in various parks.

Some people may not be able to make their way to parks across the United States in the manner that Michael Hagele does. However, people can still mountain bike locally. They can mountain bike in their neighborhoods, in nearby parks and in nearby nature areas. People who own mountain bikes should consider whether it is legal or not in their localities to ride on the side walk, and whether riding on the sidewalk is appropriate. Follow Michael Hagele on Instagram

The extremeness of mountain biking widely varies. There are people who ride mountain bikes relatively slowly and on surfaces that are relatively flat. Then, there are people who ride very quickly on rugged landscapes where there are unexpected bumps and jumps. If you are not into the whole extreme, rugged biking thing, you can just ride a bike on a flatter trail or surface. The activity is all about feeling good, getting great exercise and challenging oneself to the extent that one is comfortable with.

Anyone who takes an interest in mountain biking should attain as much information as possible about the activity. People should look up bike maintenance for safety reasons. Other safety measures such as what to wear, how to store a bike and how to equip a bike should be brushed up upon. Also, everyone should look on the internet for advice. There are so many amazing forums where anonymous people give conjecture about their experiences concerning mountain biking. There are a number of features that make mountain bikes safer, more comfortable and more equipped for certain circumstances. These features must be learned about.

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Penelope Kokkinides Is Leading InnovaCare To Provide Quality And Sustainability

InnovaCare, Inc. is an American company that provides managed healthcare services through Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage. The company creates cost-effective, sustainable, and fully integrated models for quality healthcare. InnovaCare focuses on strong patient-provider relationships. The company values corporate integrity, strong physicians, efficiency, and experienced leadership.

Penelope Kokkinides is now InnovaCare, Inc.’s Chief Administrative Officer. She was previously its Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations. She has over 20 years of health care and managed care industry experience. She is an expert in managing health care processes and developing clinical programs. Before rejoining the company in 2015, she was responsible for Centerlight Healthcare’s management and care division as its Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Shinto. She was Touchstone Health’s chief Operating Officer and AmeriChoice’s Care Management and Disease Management Corporate Vice President.

Kokkinides attended Binghampton University to earn her bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological sciences. She attended New York University to earn her master’s degree in social work and a post-master’s program advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse. She attended Columbia University School of Public Health to earn her master’s degree in public health.

Kokkinides travels often and gets a lot of things done while on flights. She relies on her team and the synergy between them to develop and implement ideas. She connects with people around the world through video conferences and screen-sharing. She is excited about the ways technology is changing the way people do business and communicate. For more details visit Crunchbase.

She has grown and learned from situations where she didn’t enjoy certain aspects of a job. When she was in high school she worked as a receptionist in a doctor’s office. She later worked as a store floater at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Her mother was a seamstress, but Kokkinides managed to get her mother a job at Saks Fifth Avenue. Her mother stayed with the company for 20 years. Check out


She believes staying informed is very important for an entrepreneur. She incorporates organization and structure into her business strategy. She thinks about what step she needs to take next to accomplish her goals. She sees email and skype as important tools in her everyday life. She recommends reading Simon Sinek’s book, “Start With Why” and his TED talk video.



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“Go where?” You may ask. Yes, you go to GoBuyside, a major recruiting platform that has global appeal.

Since 2011, when this firm was established, GoBuyside has changed the face of Corporate America. It has saved many a business from economic disaster because of finding the right kind of corporate professionals to help businesses to flourish in these tough economic times.

GoBuyside is having such a global impact that on the website it is helping companies face up to the challenge of recruiting raw corporate talent.

That tells you a lot about what this company is all about. And you’ll find that out too, once you go to their trusted website. When you do, just sign up as a registered member and you’ll have access to a wide number of corporate professionals who will be on hand to help you with your issues and answer your questions as well.

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Fall is here, and it’s glorious! thanks for photo borrow 🍂@living_amendment_365

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GoBuyside is the place to go when you want to see your business take off like a rocket. Their specialists are among the best in corporate America and they’ll know exactly what to do for your business.

Every business wants to be the best, to stay on top, they want to keep their financial edge, well, GoBuyside can help you toward that end. All they ask is that you contact them and arrange to set up an account with them so your company can be on the road to financial recovery.

They will walk you through the process, they will show you what to look for in recruiting top corporate professionals for your company, the ones that will bring you a lot of business.

Time is of the essence, there’s not another minute to waste, you’ve got a business to run-or save. Go to GoBuyside now to start to see your firm really start to fly.

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Deirdre Baggot Successful Career in Healthcare Department

Deirdre Baggot has various academic titles that introduce her name. This is an indication that she has an incredible education background. These titles include Ph.D., MBA, and BSN. She is a prominent, successful healthcare business strategist as well as an expert healthcare payment specialist living in Denver, Colorado. She pursued her undergraduate degree at Southern Illinois University based in Edwardsville where he earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Nursing. She proceeded with her education at Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business and achieved an MBA. She joined the University of Colorado, Denver and attained a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

After her education, she ventured into her career in 1997 and started working at Northwest Memorial Hospital. She used to work as the manager, staff nurse and resource coordinator of the hospital administration group. Ms. Baggot worked here for six years and then moved to Ann Arbor in Michigan where she began serving in the University of Michigan Health System. In 2006, Ms. Baggot moved back to Denver, Colorado and became the senior administrator of the cardiac and vascular Institute of SCL Health. Deirdre Baggot input at the institute managed to help approximately 500 individuals in this firm and incredibly improved various activities such as payer contracting, marketing, business growth, and development, recruiting, acquisition and much more.

Deirdre Baggot just spent four years in the institute and then moved for a post at GE Healthcare Partners. It was while she was here that she managed to improve and develop the payment system. This discovery has created her a big name and earned her great respect from her colleagues and the entire healthcare industry. She innovated the bundled payments plan which helped to save on time and resources. It was highly beneficial to both the institution and the patient. This because it instilled order to the payment system making it more effective and efficient.

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Mr Shiraz Boghani Bio.

Shiraz Boghani the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, was lately graced at the Asian Business Awards in 2016, where he got to receive the ‘Hotelier of the Year’ award. Mr. Shiraz Boghani has a wide experience in the hospitality industry for an approximate of over 30 years and presently he is the owner together with the manager of 19 hotels in the United Kingdom. Shiraz Boghani is a professional entrepreneur and an expert Chartered Accountant with a desire for the hotel industry. Shiraz was the first person to come up with limited service branded hotels in 199 in London. His most new and thrilling projects is the establishment and the unveiling of the elegant £121m Hilton in London, the hotel is located in London’s elegant Backside. The other hotels are The Grand Hotel & Spa, and Holiday Inn London, The Conrad London St James, York– Wembley with the late attainment of the New Ellington in Leeds together with the Brigstow Hotel and Mercure Bristol. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is additionally the biggest advocate of the Aga Khan Foundation, it is the UK registered charity foundation and the Aga Khan Development Network worldwide. Being amongst the judges of the awards was a fabulous thing comprising famous journalist, Amit Roy; the chief editor for AMG, Shailesh R Solanki; the group managing editor of the AMG, Kalpesh R Solanki, Rishi Sunak, the MP for Richmond (Yorkshire), and the famous banker, Jitesh Gadhia. Mr. Shiraz stated, “I am excited to have got the award. The Hotels are playing a big part of my entrepreneur life and I am very proud of the team’s accomplishment which would not be attainable without the incredible support of my splendid friends and Family and its highly professional management and executive teams.” “Splendid Hospitality team is one of the best hotels in the UK’s and additionally the fastest developing private hotel groups, and it is the inspirational dedication and effort of Shiraz Boghani,” stated Stuart Bailey, the Chief Executive Officer of Splendid Hospitality Group.

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Jason Hope Holding the Banner of Hope for Victims of Premature Aging

People are aging faster than they should something that is not only discouraging but also lowers their self-esteem and steals the joy of dream chasers. Diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer disease are part of the problem and the reason Jason Hope wakes up every day hoping they are a bad dream. One day, it will, given the passion he gives towards ensuring that they never occur in the first place. The SENS Research Foundation is helping make it a dream come true.

Premature aging is a result of diseases that break down the body and destroy it so that the results are old looking individuals of a young age. The SENS Foundation and Jason Hope, as well as other believers, meet every year without fail to raise money, awareness as well as research outcomes in the fight to live to healthy longer. Read more about Jason Hope at

Enter the Philanthropist

Most people if not all want to live longer something that is harder to achieve in this day and age because of many predisposing factors. In days long gone, people lived long healthy lives, and it was not uncommon to meet people well past the hundred year mark. Today, past a hundred is akin to a miracle with life expectancy threatening to fall below forty. Jason Hope believes that the reason is common modern day diseases.

While most philanthropists give to causes such as poverty alleviation, taking care of orphans etcetera, his philanthropy path is of its kind and unique in its own right. His is a quest to help people live for as long as they desire to through healthy living by eliminating diseases that age people before their time.

Most people would give anything to live to ripe old age for different reasons and would give anything towards the cause. Jason Hope wants people to live up their dreams in his search towards preventive medicine rather than curative. He devotes time and resources to the charity of longer healthier lives.

Who is Jason Hope?

He can is an entrepreneur who tweets, participates and donates resources towards the fight for a future devoid of degenerative diseases like cancer. He is a believer of the almost impossible but what is a dream if it is not big enough to scare the dreamer?

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