Ricardo Guimaraes of BMG Discusses the Forbes List of the Most Prestigious American MBA Schools

Many students wonder if getting a Masters in Business Administration, (MBA), is something they should consider. Though most experts recommend that all students at least get a bachelors degree if they plan to go into business professionally, sometimes advice is vague when it comes to whether students should move forward with additional degrees.

This choice is also confusing for some students because many business professionals have achieved executive-level success without MBAs.

In fact, some corporate cultures look down on people with, “fancy,” MBAs, assuming that, as workers, they

-Will have no experience,
-Feel entitled, and
-Behave with arrogance

Professionals that enter business communities like this with an MBA often find they have to prove they have the gumption and savvy to do well in the atmosphere. However, some industries and companies are very impressed by elite degrees and will show preference to MBA graduates.

The Facts:

Simply put, getting your MBA from a prestigious school won’t be cheap or easy. The cheapest degree on this list costs $110,000 per year. In addition, while most schools require students to attain a minimal score of 700 on their Graduate Management Admission Test, (the GMAT); prestigious schools often require higher scores; and only a small percentage of students actually graduate.

The top schools in order of prestige are:

1. Stanford – Stanford costs $126,000 annually, requires a minimal score of 730 on the GMAT and only 7% of students graduate;

2. Harvard Business School – Harvard costs $139,000 annually, requires a minimal score of 730 on the GMAT and only 12% of students graduate;

3. Booth School of Business – Booth costs $128,000 annually, requires a minimal score of 730 on the GMAT and only 24% of students graduate;

4. The Warton School of Business – Warton costs $137,000 annually, requires a minimal score of 728 on the GMAT and only 20% of students graduate;

5. The Haas School of Business – Haas costs $110,000 annually, requires a minimal score of 720 on the GMAT and only 13% of students graduate;

6. The Tuck School of Business – Tuck costs $139,000 annually, requires a minimal score of 730 on the GMAT and only 12% of students graduate;

7. The Yale School of Management – Yale costs $124,000 annually, requires a minimal score of 720 on the GMAT and only 24% of students graduate;

8. The Kellogg School of Management – Kellogg costs $127,600 annually, requires a minimal score of 720 on the GMAT and the school doesn’t disclose the percentage of students that graduate;

9. Columbia Business School – Columbia costs $136,000 annually, requires a minimal score of 716 on the GMAT and only 18% of students graduate;

10. The Leonard N. Stern School of Business – Leonard N. Stern costs $131,000 annually, requires a minimal score of 710 on the GMAT and only 10.8% of students graduate;

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The Emergence of Healthy Eating for Pets

It’s been said that the greatest wealth is health. This might explain why there is so much attention on healthy eating in our world. It’s nearly impossible to turn on the TV without hearing about something that’s gluten free or low fat. In the past these thoughts were reserved for humans. Recently however, there has been a focus on healthy foods for pets. This nearly $25 billion industry on Amazon is being impacted by a surge of health options for pets. Many believe this will be the next level of how people feed their pets.

The idea of making pet food healthy has been around for a little while. For years people have included salmon and lamb in pet foods. Companies are now taking it a step further. Companies like Colgate-Palmolive have foods that help animals loose weight. Following the trend of grass-fed meats, Mars-Petcare has focused on making foods that are from the farm to the table. These innovations are forcing major companies to quickly scramble to add similar products to their catalog.

Purina is producing high quality food for pets is Beneful. This company is focused on your pet having a complete and balance diet. They do so by producing real meets and vitamin-rich vegetables. They make products that address a variety of stages in a pets life including adulthood and growth for puppies. Through the use of both wet and dry food Beneful products are quite healthy.

Think your pet would like a Turkey Pot Pie? Would your dog enjoy Apple Cider Chicken? These appetizing meals are all formulated to give your pet the healthiest in meat choices. Beneful also has a number of snacks and meals that include real salmon and steak. Their products are harvested just at the right time to lock in nutrients. They explode with flavor when opened.

Many people treat their pet just like it’s a member of the family. It’s no wonder so many people are making food choices that are healthier for their pet. This trend of making great healthy food should continue well into the future.




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Relief in Lake Tahoe as the Olympic Valley Incorporation Agenda is Withdrawn.

The Lake Tahoe North Shore community will always speak of the drought experienced in the recent past in hushed tones. The area plays host to America’s iconic and picturesque winter resorts. These resorts draw winter sports enthusiast from all over the country.

However, the New Year has brought optimism and hope for the entire community. The CEO of Squaw Valley expressed his delight to see the drought end. More so, the people expect to overcome the incorporation of the Olympic Valley agenda. The best news so far this week happened to be the political withdrawal of the incorporation plan. This information was first published on Reno-Gazette Journal.

Such news gave relief to the community whose economic welfare relies on the Squaw Valley. Furthermore, early season storms have begun forming. Should the winds combine with the freezing temperatures, then the winter resorts in the valley open up their facilities much sooner.

Andy Wirth acts as the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He attended the Colorado State University and Edinburgh University for his studies. Being a professional in the hotel and recreation industry, he dedicates his resources to transform the region into a leading tourist destination.

In other circles, Andy Wirth is a selfless man of the people prompting him to get the title of a philanthropist. The Lake Tahoe community enjoys his philosophical and monetary contributions in communal efforts to transform the economy of the area. He also participates in environmental activities meant to beautify and maintain the intrinsic beauty of the valley.

The withdrawal of the incorporation agenda made political temperatures rise in the area. Andy Wirth sponsored the efforts to oppose the idea to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In his assessment, the citizens and businesses in the area would be subjected to higher taxes as well as reduced social services such as road maintenance and plowing of snow. Also, the area would have been isolated from the other communities around the lake. Remember they pool resources for investment and attracting visitors.

All that remain now is the community to forge on with its strategic partnerships to commercialize the valley. Efforts to rehabilitate transport networks have started in readiness for the winter boom. Andy Wirth hopes to see such disagreements end and cohesion built among the people in regards to social agendas.

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George Soros Compares the 2008 Crisis with Current Crisis in the Global Markets

According to George Soros, the current situation in the global markets has similar characteristics to the 2008 crisis. He said this during an economic forum in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Soros noted that China faced challenges in establishing a new growth path and that the rest of the world was feeling the pressure from its devaluation of the Yuan. The developing world was struggling to come back to positive rates.
In the first week of the year, global markets were hit with the sinking Yuan. This situation sprout doubts over China’s economy that is moving to consumption and services from investment and manufacturing. Global equities lost a value of almost $2.5 trillion by Wednesday with losses deepening in Asia. According to George Soros, China has a big adjustment problem that is equal to a crisis. Additionally, he said that having a look at the financial markets, some challenges reminds him of the 2008 predicament.
Soros’ hedge fund company gained over 20% on average yearly from 1969 to 2011. Bloomberg Billionaires Index puts his net worth at $27.3 billion. Starting in the 1950s, Soros has built a reputation from his investment strategies. He netted $1 billion in 1992 from a bet that saw the UK devalue its pound.
This year, the measures of volatility are on the upward trend with VIX increasing by 13%. China’s Communist Party has promised to increase the convertibility of the Yuan by 2020 and gradually face off capital controls. Interest rates have been reduced to record lows especially by the People’s Bank of China while the authorities have splashed billions into the economy. Despite these measures, frailties remain in China’s economy. This information was reported on Bloomberg as found in the link below http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says
In terms of what should be done about the Ukraine European situation, Soros argues that Ukraine should be given a top priority. He acknowledges that Europe has several other problems that include Greece, euro, British referendum, and migration that form the core of the internal problems. However, he notes that there also exists the external problem of Russia’s assault against Ukraine. According to Soros, authorities in Europe have had to be masters of dealing with unending crisis. He calls for a united approach to Ukraine by all nations in the EU. This information was mentioned on New York Review of Books Website as highlighted below http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2015/10/08/ukraine-europe-what-should-be-done/
Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management in addition to the Open Society Foundations. He was born in Hungary but fled during World War II to England prior to settling in New York, United States. Soros made a huge fortune through his investment company that currently allows him have a say even on controversial issues. Soros has been an active philanthropist who began by helping out black students in South Africa with scholarships. He is a bestselling writer with over 14 books to his name. This information was originally mentioned on georgesoros.com as provided in the link below http://www.georgesoros.com/the-life-of-george-soros/

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A Wikipedia Page Offers Many Benefits to Your Business or Online Reputation

In today’s fast changing market, it is very important to keep up with the latest in business developments. Both individuals and businesses are aware of the need to make sure that any customer can use the net to find them. Many people have iPhones with them even when they travel. A given potential customer may make decisions about where to go for lunch during a specific time frame solely by looking up a business on their phone and then finding out information about it. Many searchers look for information from a trusted source such as Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the internet’s most important sites. 

While people may be aware that they can use the site, they may not be aware of the fact that it is possible to put up a page of their own on the site. Creating a Wikipedia page for a business or a person allows the person to be able to have a site that is uniquely their own and also contains accurate information about them and their business. A page in Wikipedia is likely to be one that allows the person creating it to put up basic information about themselves and update it as necessary to make sure that it continues to be accurate. 

Writing a page in this system can be done by any given person. However, doing so may not be as easy as any person thinks. Doing so can be highly confusing if the user has never used the system that is set up for creating pages before, especially when trying to follow the site’s strict rules and standards. In such cases, it often makes a great deal of sense to work with someone or a company that knows exactly how to create a page for a person or their business. Hiring Wikipedia writers from a trusted company such as Get Your Wiki, is one that allows the user to get results that are highly useful for them. 

Such Wikipedia writing services have many specialists who know exactly how to create a page that is likely to be trusted by any given person searching for information about them or about their business. The right kind of help will allow the user to be able to have a page for them that is also easily updated in the event of changes that may happen such as the expansion of their company or if they have hired a group of new people and won an award for their company work.

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Sergio Cortes and His Growing Fan Base

It is rare for impersonators of celebrities to have a fan base, but Dino reports that Cortes has his own fans. The Michael Jackson impersonator has been doing the signature moves of Michael and easing the pain of fans for years. He doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon, and people that loved Michael Jackson are slowly starting to fall in love with the man that is carrying the MJ torch.

Sergio can perform the dance moves of Jackson quite effortlessly, but this is not a surprise for someone that has imitated Michael for so long. He has become a masterful entertainer that has fans that are waiting to see him the same way that they waited to see Michael. This is just something that Sergio has come to expect.

The great thing about these fans is that they encourage him to stay with what he has been doing. People that are interested in seeing him perform motivate Sergio to do an even better job next time. He says that he believes that he is healing the pain of all of those that are still in awe of the loss of Michael Jackson. There will never be another Michael Jackson. This is obvious. Sergio, however, makes sure that he gets as close as possible to giving fans the Michael Jackson experience. The moves are just one element. When Sergio takes stage as Michael he even has the costumes that Michael was known for.

The wardrobe for Michael is actually one thing that has made it easy to impersonate Michael. The garments for some of the most popular songs are seen in the MJ videos. Fans know what is next just from seeing the costume that Sergio is wearing on stage.

Sergio performs the choreographed dance moves with precision. He knows that all of this is part of the performance, and the moves are the biggest part of the illusion. When he is off of his mark the fans are going to know it. He makes the effort to practice relentlessly because he knows that the fans are going to remember this.

Cortes doesn’t have to worry about any bad reviews. All of his 16,000 Facebook and Twitter followers are grateful for the tribute shows that he has done, and they are eagerly awaiting more. Sergio is using social media to branch out and find more people that want to see him perform.

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Status Labs Continues to Show Massive Growth Over 2015

PR firm, online reputation management firm, and digital marketing firm Status Labs has had a remarkable year, and they appear to have a remarkable future ahead of them. The firm reported that their revenue increased 39% in 2015 and compared to when the company was started in 2012 by a whopping 939%.

Status Labs believes that their growth is a combination of their innovative digital strategy offerings as well as their constant emphasis on getting new clients and keeping their old clients satisfied and happy. They were able to sign more than 160 new clients in a large selection of industries including healthcare, technology, beauty, philanthropy, finance, and politics.

President of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, stated that 2015 is the best year that Status Labs has had yet and with their highly talented team and the continued dedication of their team members they hope to continue experiencing success and growth of the same caliber.

Fisher went on to say that Status Labs is unique compared to other firms in the market space because they are able to offer digital communication solutions to anyone. They have worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to political figures and take care of everything from PR campaigns to social media campaigns or reputation management. Their diverse range of offerings helps them to offer something to every client and aids in client retention.

Status Labs was founded by Darius Fisher in 2012 who has a background in copywriting and political consultancy. The online reputation management specializes in offering products including PR, digital marketing, and online reputation.

They have offices in Sao Paulo, New York, and Austin allowing them to offer services to 1,500 clients spread out across 35 different countries. The goal of the company is to help clients show their bests via top search results and utilize digital marketing campaigns to increase sales.

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George Soros And His Predictions For The EU

Georgesoros.com is a good website to go to in order to find information about Mr. George Soros. George Soros is a man that is Native to Hungary and he was born in 1930. Soros went through many trials in his life, and he was able to escape from the Nazis and went to England when he was a young man. Soros went to the London School of Economics and he later moved to the United States. Soros became involved in the world of finance and economics in the United States, and he was able to get involved with with international investment funds. Through the managing of those funds, he was able to become a multi-billionaire. Soros remembered what it was like to be poor and live in Hungary, and he has dedicated much of his life to philanthropy. Soros also is a very well know author, and he has written many books about the European Union. Soros writes about European societies, and economics. His commentary appears in articles around the world.

Soros talked to CNBC, and he warned that the European Union is on the verge of collapse. Soros believes that the migrant issues is going to be the main cause of the collapse of the EU. Soros believes that the German Chancellor could have a big hand in resolving the problem. Germany’s response to the migrant crisis has a big impact on the economy. Germany decided to open its doors to the Syrian refugees, and now they have to take on the responsibilities that come along with that action.

While Soros believes that Germany’s actions were humane, and it was the right thing to do; he also believes that the Schengen Agreement could be at risk, and that the fundamental freedom of movement of Europeans can be in jeopardy. Soros believes that the only solution to the problem is to take hard reforms for the country. Germany needs to get more jobs, exports, and more taxes. Soros is known as an expert when it comes to the European economy. His advice is sought out in many sectors, and Europeans do well to consider his words of wisdom when thinking of their economic stability.

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Marcio Alaor’s Highlights of Australia’s Economy and Global Crisis

Since the onset of global economic crises in 2008, countries are yet to recover fully. Australia is among the few countries that felt the little effort of the global crises. Experts argue that the country is an isolated case on matters relating to world economy fluctuations. The vice president of BMG and economist Mr. Marcio Alaor highlights on some of the cases that make Australia exceptional.


According to Marcio, economic activity data indicate that the country crossed the 25th consecutive year with no recession. The data also ranks Australia high is controlling inflation. Australia has maintained a steady economic growth of 2.5%. The only time her economy shrank was in 1990 when the world also experienced global crises. After the crises, the country controlled inflation rates and regulated exchange rates. Marcio notes that the period was the hardest in the Australian economic history for the past two decades.


According to Marcio, the country has maintained her economic stability due to a growing economic system. Australia is among the few countries with economic systems designed to thrive even in a crisis. It is also a major of agricultural commodities in the world market. The exports serve as a primary stimulus for the country’s economy.


Marcio Alaor explains that the rapid expansion of Chinese economy has also largely benefited Australia. The country is among the major exporters to the Chinese market. The economic crises that affected the world in 2008 did not a significant impact on the Chinese economy.


Marcio argues that since Australia is a major exporter to China, the effect of the crises didn’t affect its economy. It maintained a steady growth during the turbulent times. Another factor that keeps Australia economy stable is favorable government policies. The government exempts small business from paying taxes during hard economic periods.


Marcio explains that such favorable policies from the government safeguard Australia’s economy even in worst global crises. The Euro Money magazine in 2011 awarded the Australian minister of finance an international recognition award. The minister has implemented timely measures and adjustments to the policies of the government to favor the economy growth. Marcio cites that the Australian economy grew by 1.4% during the 2009 crisis.


Australia has also invested primarily in the construction sector. Marcio says the effects of the global crisis have minimal impact on the construction industry. The secret behind Australia’s success is betting on fiscal stimulus programs. The building industry also offers the country’s population jobs reducing unemployment.


The sector is also crucial in developing the country’s economy. Marcio notes that Australia has maintained its position in the first world by implementing successful economic policies. The country also has high life expectancy and among the best in the world.

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Texas Plastic Surgeons Making Big Changes

The most requested plastic surgeries vary by state. The plastic surgeries requested in warmer states are different from the surgeries that are requested in the colder states. For example, individuals living in warmer states like Texas request liposuction, tummy tucks, and butt lifts, more than those that live up north. For example, those living in northern states like New York request more face lifts, nose jobs, or cheek implants. However, Texas plastic surgeons are able to handle all requests because some of the top plastic surgeons are located in that state.

Perfect Features
People are willing to pay a lot of money to enhance their features. Just ask some of the top plastic surgeons in Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the leading female plastic surgeons in Austin, Texas. The fact is that Dr. Walden has a very long plastic surgery waiting list. Hundreds seek consultation on various procedures like the usual tummy tucks and liposuction. Many women are also requesting Labiaplasty. This is a plastic surgery performed on women to alter the size of the labia minora.

Dr. Jennifer Walden
Certainly, Dr. Walden is a leading surgeon that is responsible for bringing about big changes in plastic surgery in Texas. She trained with some of the leading plastic surgeons in New York. Dr. Walden recently returned to Austin, Texas. Now, the residents in the city are pleased at the return of the successful plastic surgeon to her hometown.
Dr. Walden is also an author and has appeared on several national television shows. The doctor has also been interviewed in top magazines.

Starting Over
Dr. Jennifer Walden admits that it feels like starting over again, since her return to her home state. However, she returned with her twin boys. Consequently, she is not alone. She has plenty of family and support around her. Today, Dr. Walden has moved her New York practice to Austin, Texas and established a very successful career. She had high hopes for her practice. Amazingly, her practice exceeded all her initial expectations. Clearly, this is due to her training, experience, and dedication to helping those in her community.

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