The Many Roles of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacreast is a true entrepreneur. He rose to fame hosting the reality show American Idol. After spending 15 years on Fox, the iconic show was renewed for a second season on ABC. Ryan Seacrest has admitted to loving American Idol and never worried about its longevity. Besides hosting American Idol, Ryan Seacrest also holds several positions in the entertainment industry.

As of 2017, Ryan Seacrest has been co-hosting the Live With Kelly and Ryan show on ABC. He has also joined the show as an executive producer. He replaced Michael Strahan after he suddenly left the Live with Kelly and Michael show to pursue other opportunities. Live With Kelly and Ryan ranks number one in its time periods and is considered the top talk and morning show.

Ryan Seacreast also works with ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest. It has remained the top way for viewers to celebrate the New Year, with the hottest live performances taking place in New York’s Times Square. The show always features the large, memorable, Waterford Crystal sphere ball dropping at midnight. Ryan Seacrest not only hosts the show, but also produces it.

Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP) is responsible for several television hits. It produces Keeping Up With the Kardashians and its subsequent series in addition to E! Live from the Red Carpet. The company also produces Shades of Blue starring Jennifer Lopez, Shahs of Sunset for Bravo, and I Love You Kelly Pickler for CMT. The award winning show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution was also produced by RSP.

Seacrest has the number one syndicated show on 102.7 KIIS-FM for IHeartRadio. As the host, he counts down Top 40 hits each week.

The iconic Idol host also has developed a menswear clothing collection as well as men’s skin care products which is exclusively sold at Macy’s. He also has endorsements with popular brands such as Ford and Coca-Cola.

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Freedom Checks: The Way To Wealth

Everyone wants money – that is a universal and stable truth. But beyond that there are countless people who would want money without having to do much work, much more not doing anything at all. There is an infinite amount of offers on the internet that offers exactly that – gaining money without having to do much work. There are a ton of scams on the internet and it is never ending, so it is well and good that we stay aware to avoid being ripped off.

The rampant amount of scams on the internet is scaring people off and when real investment opportunities show up, they miss out on it. That is why there are millions of Americans that are about to miss out on a great investment opportunities, the next round of Freedom Checks.

Unusually and unexpectedly, a high-profiled geologist has been responsible on what seems to be quarterly and monthly returns of investments in the form of freedom checks, under the name of Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali is an expert on natural resources, garnering more than two decades of experience on this field and is widely recognized as a well respected expert in mining, agriculture and energy industries.

Matt’s popularity and presence on the industry has gained traction and attention from the general public as he recently released video that took the internet by surprise and has went viral and has spread like wildfire in minutes.

In the said video, Matt Badiali has shared to the public, information about an investment that is a result of America’s Energy Independence in the following years.

The investment is coined as “Freedom Checks”, these checks come from companies that are in the production, processing and storage and transportation fields of natural resources. Natural resource stocks are stocks that seldom dive into a bad trade because they are almost non-renewable.

So if you want to do nothing and make money, this is the investment for you. But like any other investment, it takes money to make money – the higher the risk, the higher the reward that you are able to get from these Freedom Checks.

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Zeco Auriemo: Chairman of the JHSF

Zeco Auriemo is the chairman and CEO of JHSF real estate company, the biggest company in this sector in Brazil. Since 2003, he has held this position and has tried as much as possible to bring changes in the real estate sector in the country. He knows that there is a lot that needs to be done so that the real estate sector in this country can be the same as the rest of the world. In the past two decades, he has done so much, by leading his company in the development of the biggest real estate projects in Brazil. Today, JHSF is the leading real estate company in Brazil with major developments in the major cities in the country.

Zeco Auriemo is now one of the people who has made huge decisions to lead businesses so that they cannot only benefit but help thousands of people who need a favorable environment to do business. Zeco Auriemo has made much progress in the real estate industry in the past two decades, and he is motivated to go on leading the company. He has made sure that there is sufficient real estate property in Brazil to meet the needs of the industry. Under the leadership of Zeco Auriemo, there is no doubt that this company is on track to becoming the most successful real estate business in South America.

Zeco Auriemo joined JHSF in 1992 after completing his university education. He joined his father who was the founder of this company and assisted him to build this company into one of the successful establishments we have today. His father left later, leaving ( as the CEO of the company. Since he took over, he has supported the implementation of services in a way never seen before. JHSF has built some of the biggest shopping centers in the country.



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GreenSky Company’s Rome in the US Economy

Green sky credit is among the fastest growing companies in the United States. It’s a financial technology company that makes the business of different customers easy. It ensures that no matter the size of the business it’s able to credit their customers. It makes sure that the process revolving around this is paperless and fast. It’s a stable company like no other. It’s dedicated to seeing that thousands of customers are satisfied with billions of dollars in loans. Within a short period, GreenSky has been able to transform the consumer credit marketplace. It’s backed up by a very dedicated team that is drastically growing. Moreover, GreenSky guided by the leading investors around the globe.

GreenSky headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was founded in the year 2006. Since then GreenSky has transforming the lives of many customers for the better. Currently, the company is valued at $3.6 billion. It’s steered by David Zalik who’s a co-founder of the company. Its investors also include the Fifth Bancorp. Being a technology company GreenSky works by simplifying the hassle that most consumers go through. For example, it can scan a driver’s license to prevent the consumer from wasting time filling too much information on a paper. Besides, the customer also shares other numeric data, i.e. a social security number.

That way a customer gives the company the go-ahead to pull the credit. The company has been able to fasten this processes since most of the consumers have iPhones. GreenSky Company is a mobile company, and to date, it has been able to transact $8 billion and now targeting $1 trillion. The CEO and tech founder, Zalik, advice entrepreneurs that setting up a business is a journey. It’s a journey that involves making various growth steps. David was able to set up several businesses while he was a teenager. Venturing into business at a young age is very healthy, and it comes up with countless benefits. However, inexperience can become a major hindrance to success in this industry. David insisted that as much as entrepreneurs look up to their mentors, they are not be the key to their success.

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A Guide To OSI Food Solutions

The foodservice industry brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis, and it’s one of the most important industries in earth. There are a number of businesses that benefit from this particular industry. Large grocery stores, neighborhood bodegas, schools, restaurants and certain food retailors are on this specific list. One of the very best foodservice providers of the 21st century is known as OSI Food Solutions. This mega company has at least 100 years of experience, it has factories in at least 16 different countries, and it specializes in custom-food production. What more could anyone ever ask from a food provider? Visit

OSI Food Solutions is basically at the top of its class. When it comes to producing custom foods, the company uses some of the most technologically advanced equipment in modern-day times. In addition to that, OSI has some of the finest R&D specialists in the game. These individuals are highly trained in global cuisines. The company’s R&D specialists can found at every major location whether it’s Germany, the UK, the US or Japan. One of the biggest reasons for OSI’s success has come from its leadership position. Sheldon Lavin, the company’s CEO, has driven OSI Food Solutions straight to the top. This extraordinary man has a brilliant background in finance, and he has been working with OSI since the late ’70s. Lavin founded his very own finance-consulting firm in Chicago. Thanks to having such great persistence and perseverance, he was honored with the prestigious Global Visionary Award in 2016. Some of the top visionaries in foodservices have won this particular award in the past.

OSI Food Solutions has purely set the tone in professional foodservices. The company has basically laid a blueprint of success for all others to follow. At the company’s current trajectory, OSI Food Solutions will definitely continue to reign supreme in the coming years.



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Flavio Maluf’s Environmently Friendly Company

Most businesses are created with technology in mind. That is not a bad idea but protecting the environment is the way to go. If technology can be combined with going green then, you have a chance at something that can be very successful. Flavio Maluf has a company called Eucatex that is a clear example of this.

Eucatex is a company that wholesales environmentally their products to Home Depot and in return, this company certified their goods. This is an excellent example of a company wanting products that help the earth and can be used for labor purposes as intended. If more companies would get on board with improving the world around them, it would make for less pollution. Eucatex has several different products that home improvement businesses can buy. There are paints, panels, doors, and floors just to make a few. You can even get Eucalyptus seedlings as well. All this comes from a business that believes in being not only transparent but ethical. Find out more about Flavio at

Maluf also gives advice of taxes for Brazil. There are incentives that are offered that these businesses get to glean from. When they bring jobs to high areas of unemployment and give back to different organizations within the communities, these businesses get in incentives that help them out in the long run. That is why Maluf encourages Brazilian businesses to do these things because they could benefit heavily from them. Businesses can have directed taxes that give them a say in how they choose to give back. They can tell the government to give to the charities and nonprofits of their choice. If you are a home improvement company you may want to check out the planet friendly products of Eucatex. This company will you give some good products that you are going really love.



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Art Imitates Life with Ryan Seacrest

Joining Kelly Ripa as co-host of the now-titled Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ryan Seacrest has made a seamless transition into his position on the show. Kelly Ripa spent time hosting the show solo after Michael Strahan made his exit from the hit morning show on ABC. The network spent time looking for the perfect replacement without rushing their process. Their patience was rewarded when they found Ryan Seacrest and his on-screen chemistry with Kelly Ripa has kept the show a morning staple. The easy banter that they have with each other has inspired a new show called Work Wife, which highlights the close relationship that colleagues often form with each other after spending copious amounts of time together in a work environment. Both Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) are set to executive produce the series, with successful writer Michael Ian Black taking on both writing and executive producing as well.

Executive producing Work Wife will certainly not be a new role for Ryan; he currently executive products mega-hit television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well as a multitude of the series spin-offs, and many red carpet shows on the E! television network. In addition to executing producing, Ryan also hosts the long-running television show American Idol and his popular radio show On Air with Ryan.

When Ryan isn’t working in Los Angeles or New York City, he focuses his attention on his foundation, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation which brings creative outlets to children’s hospitals around the country. Called Seacrest Studios, these highly-equipped media centers allow sick children the opportunity to take a break from hospital life and immerse themselves in a creative outlet and pursue and develop their media skills. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has brought in many celebrities as well to inspire the children, from Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez.

Find out more about Ryan on Facebook:

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Oren Frank’s Talkspace Hires Chief Medical Officer

The promise of technology seems to have failed us. The Internet, with all of its potential to bring us together, seems to be tearing us apart. Suicide is at an all-time high as well as loneliness and depression. That’s why it is so refreshing to see startups like Talkspace. Founded by Oren Frank, Talkspace offers up video chat therapy to anybody in need.

This technological startup has recently hired a chief medical officer. Neil Leibowitz comes from United Health and joined Talkspace last month. This hire comes as the company is determining its valuation and thinking over an IPO.

The company allows you to talk with a licensed therapist for just $79 per week. It also gives you the option to pay $49 per week in order to text message a mental health professional. Talkspace and its founder Oren Frank have been in business for more than five years and have helped over 1 million people. The CEO claims that the company is creating tens of millions of dollars in revenues.

The hiring of Leibowitz is quite a bold move. This will allow Talkspace physicians, under the supervision of Oren Frank, to begin prescribing medications online. This video service will have to go under state and federal scrutiny and the company has already begun talks about which medications to avoid such as opiates.

The new chief medical officer, Neil Leibowitz, comes from the health insurance sector. CEO Oren Frank has high hopes that Leibowitz will begin to take control of about half the company’s revenue. And the strength of Talkspace could not have come at a better time. In-depth mental health studies show that millennial’s are showing a marketable increase in depression and anxiety. And those mental health issues have an impact on productivity.

One way that Oren Frank reaches out to millennial’s is through Twitter. He recently posted an interesting article showing that a warming climate, and acute high temperatures, in particular, increase suicide rates. This just goes to show you how much CEO Oren Frank, new chief medical officer Neil Leibowitz and Talkspace care about the worldwide community.

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How the Chainsmokers Have Dominated the Music Industry in the United States

About six years ago, nobody in the United States had any clue about a music group by the name Chainsmokers. However, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were still making their electronic dance music only that fate had not been on their side. However, things change quickly, and within a period of fewer than five years, very few people in the country don’t have any information about the duo.

The two individuals rose to fame after releasing their hit single, #Selfie, which attracted widespread views and downloads across the country. Everybody wanted to listen to this new song which went up to international stages. In fact, the hit single went ahead to appear on the top twenty lists of most music lists around the world. Emerging on the top twenty list of much top music in different parts of the world is a clear indication that the song had captured the imagination of many listeners.

The Chainsmokers followed the success of the first single song by creating a new album that debuted in 2015. By this time, many individuals were already aware of the group’s potential, which means that most of the people were waiting for the whole album. One of the songs that captured the imagination of many individuals is ‘Roses,’ which went ahead to hit the top ten songs in the United States.

The other song in the album that raised the profile of the group is ‘Don’t Let Me Down,’ which ended up becoming a hit song in Europe. This song won the Grammy Awards as it was voted to be the best dance song in 2015. Surprisingly, the hit, ‘Closer’ went ahead to become the group’s first number one songs in most of the United States top ten hits.

The Chainsmokers have gone ahead to win several music awards in the United States some of them including two American Music Awards and several Billboard Music Awards. The Chainsmokers also won eight iHeartRadio Music Awards. The success of the group has continued with the two individuals releasing their second album, Memories…Do Not Open, which was released later in 2017. Surprisingly, the group has been able to achieve these successful results within a period of fewer than five years.

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David McDonald: Why The Company Is Highly Preferred By Food Consumers

The demand for food is increasing around the world due to the increasing population and the tendency for people to prefer take-away food from the stores rather than preparing their own food.

However, despite the growth of the fast food industry, not all food selling companies have expanded but one; OSI Group. This is a food processing company based in United States but has spread across the continent and it now operating in a significant number of countries around the world.

David McDonald OSI Group, who is the president of the rapidly expanding food supplying company tries to justify as to why the company is being proffered by the customers as compared to other food companies in particular regions. It is evident that the organization is having a good will in the industry, which has proven difficult for other organizations to access. Here are some of the main reasons making the company to be proffered by customers.

High Hygiene Levels
Food industry is one of the most sensitive industries that can cause disasters, especially when the food is not properly checked or certified. A large number of individuals purchase food products with fear that they might end up getting low quality or expired food which can cause health complications. However, this has not been the case OSI Group. David McDonald OSI Group pays significant attention to the food products produced and sold by the companies to ensure that they meet industrial standards and they don’t prove to be a source of danger to many individuals.

Read more: David McDonald: ISU Graduate And OSI Group’s President And CEO

Customization of Services
David McDonald OSI Group has already realized that the market is quickly changing whereby customers are not satisfied with the traditional food sold by fast food selling companies. Customers are now looking for something personalized to meet their needs and interests. This changing in consumer buying and consumption behavior has made OSI Group to change its strategy.

David McDonald OSI Group has now implemented a policy where the organization is providing customized food products. The company has been selling what the customers’ demands. The new approach has helped the company to attract a huge number of customers and retain them despite the high levels of competition in the industry.


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