Brian Bonar, Founder of Bellamy Restaurant

Brian Bonar is an entrepreneur originating from Scotland. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical College where he studied Technical Engineering. Brian Bonar also has a Master’s Degree from Stafford University where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He acquired a lot of job experience during the early stages of his career.

Brian Bonar began working as the procurement officer for IBM. After gaining adequate experience from the acquisition job, he decided to establish his company known as Bezier Systems. During this period, he had sufficient expertise in the business and technology fields. Brian’s diverse background explains how he grew to be the most motivated and fearless businessman.

Bonar has held several positions at Trucept, Inc. since the year 2008. Mr. Brian Bonar featured as the chairperson and chief executive officer of Trucept, Inc. Brian started working as the chief executive officer of Trucept Inc. March 12, 2010. He also worked as the chief financial officer, treasurer, and secretary of the company on September 14, 2009.

Bloomberg confirmed that Brian Bonar served as the president and principal accounting officer of the company in the year 2009. The entrepreneur takes pride of the vast experience when it comes to the business world. Bonar is also an expert when it comes to establishing modernized and classy restaurants, a trend that distinguishes him from most of his peers.

One of Brian’s most famous restaurant is the Bellamy Restaurant located in the heart of San Diego. The California-based restaurant has been reviewed by most individuals who have had a chance of tasting its dishes.

Troy Johnson, who is a writer for the California-based San Diego Magazine, wrote about the restaurant after having a meal served at the restaurant. Bellamy serves the best dishes prepared by highly skilled chefs. Clients visiting the restaurant are left with the most sophisticated experience. Bellamy has recruited France’ highly rated first class chef who has dedicated all his time to preparing the best meals.

Various exciting meals meant for both lunch and dinner are offered at the Bellamy’s Restaurant. Most of the menus offered for breakfast and dinner are drawn from the great Franco-Belgian Brasserie tradition.

A variety of dishes ranging from whitebait, croquettes Parmentier’s and crab salad are available for the clients. A wide selection of desserts comprising of the famous soft ice cream, Marina’s Chocolate Cake and Ile Flottante are available. A French list of wines is also available for the clients to choose their favorite.

Another interesting meal to try out is the parsley cream risotto. It comprises of a thoroughly poached salmon together with shaved summer truffle made crunchy with the sea salt. You will not spot any silicone hostesses-mermaids on the streets trying to lure tourists into the restaurant.

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How Philanthropy Has Cast the DeVos Family into the Limelight

Many people find giving away their resources for the benefit of others difficult. Many wealthy people in particular prefer spending their money on ostentatious goods instead of helping improve the lives of those who are less fortunate in the society. A new crop of selfless individuals has however emerged consisting of gallant advocates of free society such as Chester Finn, John Kirtley, Fred Klipsch and the DeVos family.

The DeVoses philanthropy

Since the 1980’s the family has been championing for equality in the access to education. This campaign has not just been confined to Michigan. It has spread to Florida and is on the course of spreading out to the whole of the US. They mostly use the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation, which was formed by Dick with his wife Betsy, to push for the enactment of beneficial school policies. Betsy in particular has been pivotal in setup. She visits schools where educational choice policies have been implemented in order to show pessimists its benefits.

The couple has close attachment to Potters House School. They were dismayed by how many jobs parents had to do in order to keep their kids at the institution. This spurred them to start paying tuition fee for needy leaners. Dick got elected to Michigan State’s Education Board, which greatly helped in championing their noble cause. His time at the board was coincidental with the state passing its inaugural charter school law. The family wants to give children more options in the access to education, which will ensure that they flourish in their adult lives.

Dick DeVoses Impressive Résumé

He is a businessman, philanthropist, activist, sailor and politician. He has had a remarkable expedition in the corporate world. This started in 1974 when he joined his father’s corporation, Amway. He rose from junior positions in marketing and research and within a decade, he had ascended to the vice presidency. This put him in control of Amway’s setups in over 18 countries. He implemented cost cutting strategies, which saw the company’s global revenue increase to 50 per cent.

Dick later became the corporation’s president and was helped streamline operations to suit emerging trends in the consumer market. This period coincided with great success for the firm. Thereafter, he went into sports management and was Orlando Magic’s president. The sporting franchise was almost collapsing when he took over but he helped it gain stability. Currently, he heads Windquest Group, a company that he founded. Dick graduated from Northwood University in 1974.

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At Least Three Dead From Zika Virus

The Zika virus has reached Venezuela. There have been at least three deaths linked to the virus according to a study made by Danilo Diaz Granados. It is spread by mosquitoes. The President gave a speech on television about the virus. There are 319 people who have been infected that health officials know about. There could be others who have the virus but are unaware that they are sick. There are almost 70 people who are in hospitals in the country who are in critical condition. Venezuela has the drugs that are needed to help them, but with the financial crisis in the country, there is a possibility of running out says Diaz Granados. The President gave thanks to other countries that have helped with the treatment of the virus. Zika virus is known to cause brain damage to babies, and it could cause issues for pregnant women. There is an international emergency that has been declared by the World Health Organization in efforts to contain the virus.


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Designer Surgeries Help Women Look Like Goddesses

Designer surgeries were made for women who want to look perfect, and they are offered by great surgeons like Dr. Jennifer Walden. Doctors are helping women do things like shape their vaginas for wear with yoga pants or bikinis. Yoga pants and bikinis give women a chance to have a thigh gap that is very easy to see, and that shape has to be perfect. Women who want to have their bodies look just the way they want can come to a plastic surgeon for help, and Dr. Jennifer Walden has the best office for helping women.

Dr. Jennifer has made sure that he office is going to be perfect for women who want to make sure that they are changing their bodies, and women who want to look great should make sure that they come out to see Dr. Jennifer. She can give consultations that explain how the surgeries work, and she makes sure that women are going to feel comfortable with the work she will do.

Women can see a rendering of what they will look like when the surgery is complete, and they will feel like they have made the right choice once they go under the knife. These are very simple surgeries that women can get at any time, and they are done on an outpatient basis when they come in. A woman who gets the surgery done today could be in a bikini or yoga pants in just a short time.

Every woman who comes in to get her first consultation will be able to change a part of herself that she has not been happy with in the past. The shape that a woman is able to achieve when she comes in for the surgery is important, and it is going to give her the perfect curve and thigh gap that she is looking for. She can wear yoga pants and bikinis with confidence, and she will look just the way that she has wanted to for a long time. This small change can make a woman’s life much more comfortable when she gets dressed.

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Why Choose U.S. Money Reserve?

The U.S Money Reserve was started by some of the veterans in the gold market, and they made sure that the company has all the right measures in place to ensure that the consumers are given the best service. These veterans have been on the market for years, and they have all the knowledge to run such a competitive business in the market on The group of people responsible for the company knew that it is important to have in place a reliable customer care that also had the information about the business at hand. Because they are the people in the customer care desk most of the time, they are responsible for giving clients trustworthy information when they come looking to sell or buy precious metals.

At the moment, the U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of gold, silver and platinum coins in the United States. The company mostly deals with the large population that still believes owning these precious metals are an important and beneficial thing. Since its formation, US Money Reserve has focused its efforts on providing the Americans with the best coins that are government approved. The individuals who have had the opportunity of working with the institution testify that it is one of the best. People who visit the company are given the reliable information to choose the coins that are affordable to them. Here are some of the reasons why many American citizens prefer the company.

Knowledgeable Professionals
If you decide to go to this company on, you will be served by the best and qualified professionals in the precious metal industry, and you will have access to the best information so that you can make an informed decision. The qualified person will handle any questions, so you can be relaxed as the professionals handle the hard work for you.

Access to the Best Coins in the Market
For people to start a powerful company like the US Money Reserve, they must have had access to the best coins in the market. Furthermore, the company only deals with the government approved coins, something most of the clients are looking for. This also makes it easy for people to truth them. The coins from this company offer the highest profit to the clients who choose them.

100% Guarantee for your money.
If the client is not satisfied by the metals they purchase or sell to the company, they have the liberty of getting their money back.

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Building Trust After Olympic Valley Incorporation Fight

CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, Andy Wirth, who has been one of the leading forces in the fight against incorporation is looking happy and mentions that the last 4 years have been terrible for some businesses and he is glad that things are finally starting to look up.


The last few years have been extremely hard for the businesses of Lake Tahoe, North Shore. It started with nature springing a few curveballs with a drought season. The businesses of the region had a difficult season trying to recuperate from the losses that nature caused them. Apart from that, there was also the Olympic Valley incorporation fight that had businesses in shambles.


The incorporation was to be done in Olympic Valley and this is the star area of not just Lake Tahoe region but the entirety of North America. People from all over the world come to Olympic Valley to enjoy some of the best winter sports of the country.


Thankfully, the dark clouds are now parting for the businesses located in the region as both political problems and natural disasters seem to be drawing to a close.


On its part, nature has created several storms early this season which has allowed businesses to open up quite early this year. The dropped temperatures brought about by the storms have also been of immense help for ski resorts and other businesses.


The backers of incorporation have also withdrawn their claims and demands, and Olympic Valley shall remain untouched. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings invested a lot in this fight against incorporation is this is another reason for CEO Andy Wirth to beam with joy.


Speaking about the incorporation dispute, Andy Wirth mentions that the incorporation would have been bad news for everyone involved because residents/businesses would have been burdened with higher taxes. This would not only affect the value of the ski businesses in the area but would increase their business running expenses as well.


The small businesses in the area work together to ensure that a balance is maintained. Plus, Andy Wirth also adds that North Shore communities would have been separated from Olympic Valley as a result of the incorporation, and the region would also have suffered a fall in terms of basic amenities like road and infrastructure.


Andy Wirth has been known for his philanthropic works in both his business areas and all over the world. He is glad that now all the fight is a matter of the past, businesses can heal and grow in peace.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

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How Good Leadership Has Made CCMP Capital a Market Giant

Proper headship is imperative to the success of any business entity. Corporate executives provide guidance and impetus to their firms and this helps steer them through sustained eras of success. ranks CCMP Capital is one of the firms whose accomplishments can be directly attributed to its able leaders in the past and in the present. The company has been led by industry doyens from its formative stages.

Key Points about CCMP Capital

This is a private equity firm, which majors in medium segment takeovers and development equity ventures ranging from 100 to 500 million dollars, in Europe and North America. The firm mostly concentrates on evolving into a dominant force in the market through the effective makeover and advancement of its asset base and companies on its portfolio. CCMP has offices in the world’s major financial hubs of New York, Houston and London, among other locations.

The company has preferences towards the North American, European, Asian and Latin American markets. Most of the ventures it makes are usually in companies whose market value is in the region of 500 million dollars to 3 billion dollars. The companies currently affiliates with it include Milacron, Shoes for Crews, PQ Corporation, Eco Services, Jetro Cash and Carry, The Hillman Group, Pure Gym and Infogroup among others. These companies have diverse interest in commercial and retail, industry, chemicals and energy, and the healthcare sectors.

The company has taken bold steps in making wise investments due to the able leadership of those who have been at the helm. These industry captains include former president and chief executive Steve Murray and the recently appointed managing director Robert Toth. The latter has been brought on board to mainly source for new venture opportunities in the industrial and chemical sectors. He has a proven track record as an able leader with over three decades of industry experience. He has also held senior positions in various large corporations. Judging from his vast experience, he is likely to guide CCMP into a more prosperous epoch.

Stephen Murray’s Outstanding Business Profile

The Boston College and Columbia Business School alumnus was a venture capitalist and humanitarian whose unexpected demise sent shockwaves across the financial markets. Steve Murray began his corporate journey at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, which made him part of CCMP Capital’s journey since its early days when it was known as Chemical Partners. Murray became the head of takeover business at JP Morgan Partners, a position that made him a key figure in the eventual formation of CCMP. He was appointed to the helm of the new firm in 2007, a task he performed with diligence and incomparable efficiency. During his corporate vocation, he was a board member of numerous corporations amongst them Amarak, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment and Pinnacle foods.

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Fabletics Opens Physical Stores and Plans to Open More


Affordable activewear was the reasoning behind Fabletics according to founders, Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson. The growing company, which was founded in 2013 has announced it will be opening physical store locations, according to a Racked article. The company has opened six stores already with a seventh planned for spring and plans to open up to 100 more in three to five years. The six already open locations are in Bridgewater, New Jersey; Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbia, Maryland; Newark, Delaware, St. Louis, Missouri and Woodland Hills, California. Physical locations allows Fabletics’ customers to try on the great activewear they see online and part of the shopping experience includes possible inclusion into the subscription service if a customer opts to become a VIP member.
Fabletics subscription service sends members a fantastic new work out outfit every month for a low price of $49.95. First-time users will get an outfit starting at $25 and then opt into to subscription service from there. First-time users take a lifestyles survey to find out what their style and needs are. Then each outfit for the duration of the subscription service is handpicked based on the users profile, according to the Fabletics website.
The service has received great reviews including one by The Krazy Coupon Lady. The review underlines the benefits of joining, which include great outfits at a fantastic quality for less. According to the reviewers, it is worth the try just for the $25 first outfit and even the almost $50 every month is worth it for the quality of clothing users receive. For some the thought of recurring credit card charges is frightening, but it is just as easy to cancel a months order if users are experiencing financial hardships. Members only have to login and cancel the months order by the fifth of each month. Members also do not have to worry about receiving an outfit they might not like since each order has to be approved before being shipped. If the member wants something different, the amount charged to their card will appear as a credit on their account allowing them to pick out any other outfit they might like better. Fabletics also has a generous return policy offering free returns for store credit or exchanges and a low $5.95 restocking fee for refund returns. Canceling the service is also easy, according to The Krazy Coupon Lady review; members just have to call 1-844-322-5384 to talk to a representative and opt-out.
The company has grown greatly since its inception in 2013 and has offered a men’s line of clothing as well since 2015. With the exceptional growth, the company plans on revamping its customer service technology. Currently, Fabletics ships out more than 800,000 outfits a month. Like them on Facebook.

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Breaking Out Beauty Norms

Nothing is more empowering to women than seeing a woman who dresses up the way she wants and does things the way she wants. In this age where it’s easy to bring somebody down with a simple comment, more and more women are supporting each other to stand up for breaking societal norms and typical expectations of women in society.

Harnaam Kauris a bearded woman who has made history recently for being the first bearded woman ever to walk in a jewelry designer’s fashion show. She walked the runway and rocked the jewelry the way every other woman did, and she proved once again ever since she was born that beauty comes in all kinds of ways. Harnam actually deals with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is actually a hormonal imbalance in her body. This condition of hers has caused for her to gain facial hair ever since she was just 11 years old. She constantly used to wax her face and shave. By the time she reached the age of 16, she officially changed her attitude and began to accept who she was. This single inspiring story is showcasing to women and even men that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is nothing more empowering than being who you are.

This amazing story is captivating the world and the entire online fashion community. Fashion continues to change and improve, and there are always new ways people can get their fashion fix. JustFab is the latest new online subscription fashion retailer that provides people like you access to some of the most beautiful shoes, jewelry, handbags, and denim clothing for the best prices. This online retailer is immensely affordable and brings great products straight to you with ease.

If you are looking for somebody to look up to, it’s definitely Harnaam Kauris. She is a one of a kind woman who is proving to everybody that you can do whatever you strive for, and that your outer appearance is just one thing about you. She continues to inspire women with her incredible posts online and inspirational messages shared on Instagram.

Read reviews on their Glassdoor.

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DeVos Donates for More School Choice

Wealthy families are being revealed to be some of the most generous contributors of philanthropic activities and charities. However, they could afford to be as generous as they are. They also are more knowledgeable of different charities and campaigns that are in motion. This gives them more opportunities to donate. Among the families that are very generous in their donations is the DeVos family. Dick DeVos is among the many that are making donations for more choices in education as well as health related and income based charities. 

The current charity campaign that is being funded is School choice. In 2000, there were some people that supported school choices. Even with state ballots in favor of new schools being voted against, there are active voucher programs that are in favor of alternatives to public schools. Among the alternatives to public schooling is charter schools and home schooling. Even with the initiative being shot down, there are quite a few vouchers and a growing number of states in support of it. The DeVos family plays a large part in setting the initiative in motion.

Dick DeVos’ father is the owner of Amway. Through his direct marketing company during his time as CEO, Dick DeVos has eventually gained as much ‘as $5 billion which makes him and his family one of the wealthiest families and great contributors to different charities that they believe in. They also help in painting an image of the wealthier families as being some of the more generous families when it comes to philanthropic initiatives.

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