Todd Lubar’s Expertise In The Mortgage Industry

If you don’t pay attention to the real estate industry, you may not have heard of him. Todd Lubar is a businessman in the real estate industry and finance specializing on mortgage. His career began after graduating from Syracuse University with a B.A in Speech Communication. From here he got a job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked as a loan originator. He acquired a great deal of information and skills on finance and mortgage and at this point he knew he wanted a career in this industry. He later took a job at Arlington Texas Legacy Financial Group where he helped the company achieve millions of units.

Mr Lubar’s skills and knowledge were noticed by the Arizona Charter Funding where he was made the senior vice president. Here, he helped spearhead the company’s projects and operations which increased the company’s sales volume and credibility in the industry. His experiences and skills acquired in the finance industry enabled him made a career shift to concentrate on mortgage industry.

Mr Lubar is the current chief executive officer and president at TDL Global Ventures. While working in real estate he learned a great deal on how to deal with clients and basically listen to them. His education knowledge also played a major role in understanding these skills. With this knowledge he founded the Legendary Financial LLC, a company that concentrates on providing loans as capital for companies to grow their businesses and companies.

He is also a serial entrepreneur with several businesses in various industries. He uses his skills and intellectual to open businesses. He owns night clubs demolition companies. Real estate and recycling companies. With his knowledge in finance and having worked for various companies he has used these skills to open his businesses and run them effectively and efficiently.

Mr Lubar has been ranked one of 25 mortgage originators for several years in the United States. He believes in helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams regardless of the struggles they first have to endure. His company grants entrepreneurs loans who may have been overlooked by other lending institutions. Despite the changes in the mortgage industry he continues to use innovation and foresight to do great.

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George Soros Continues Progressive Giving

There are quite a few different progressive initiatives that George Soros is involved in after the presidential election, and he is giving as much as possible to help move the country forward. George has long been a champion of progressive politics, and this article explains how he helps with politics just after the loss of Hillary Clinton.

#1: Giving To New Progressive Super PACs

There are several new super PACs that are growing as a result of George’s donations. He has given to more than one that has helped in fighting against Joe Arpaio, and he wishes to give to others will help topple the worst offenders in the political realm on Those who are attempting to oppress others must be fought, and George is giving freely of his money to help fight.

#2: Committing To The Future Of Progressive Politics

George Soros has committed money to the future of progressive politics by ensuring that he has given as much as possible to each new campaign. He understands that several different small races will change the way people live, and he is giving to those who wish to fight against oppression. The finest progressive politicians may be found when George is offering money to support their campaigns.

#3: Moving His Money Away From Unstable Investments

George has long been one of the wealthiest investors in the world, and he is someone to watch when the markets shift. He purchased many different gold interests on as he saw the American economy shift, and his commitment to remaining solvent has helped other investors follow suit. His investment choices are often scrutinized, and they are used by others to justify their own actions. George helps the world see the markets as they are without glossing over the hard facts.

The support of George Soros on means quite a lot to the progressives in Washington, and he believes that everyone must give to progressivism as much as possible. Giving to the progressive causes around the country is important to George, and he is helping America by giving back even when the democrats did not perform well in recent elections.


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Most Edited Wikipedia Articles of 2016

Following the announcement of the most edited articles of the year 2016 by Wikipedia, several pieces sprout out of nowhere while others are common to users. Some of the items announced included articles concerning Brexit (Britain Exit from the European Union), the incidence of the shooting at Orlando night club and other issues of public disagreement. The majority of the editors also embarked on editing the article on Vincent Van Gogh. One of the most edited articles was the edition for Deaths in 2016, which marked an edition of eighteen thousand and two hundred and thirty times (18,230). The editions were as a result of the death of several famous personalities in 2016 that included the revolutionist Fidel Castro, the Legendary Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Janet Reno, Leonard Cohen, among other notable people globally. The second most edited article with 8,933 edits was that of the President-elect Donald Trump entry into White House race. Editors also found themselves much involved in George W. Bush’s articles with around 45,862 edits. The most important role of Wikipedia editors has become that of revising false news and articles which have become so rampant today. For example, within the first half of December, almost a thousand edits to the Wiki sites got the revision.

The benefits of decided to make a Wikipedia page are of full range. It has proved to be a very critical digital asset for entrepreneurs, individual and not for profitable entities, as the Wikipedia websites are the most visited sites on the world-wide web. Thus it houses historical data about a person or else the business. Even Google itself nourishes its content from the Wikipedia. The Wikipedia Foundation is open to volunteer edits, but the Wiki edits are likely to be monitored to get rid of malicious articles that might ruin one’s reputations. The best part that can’t be forgotten is the Wikipedia translations that get conducted by experienced professional translators. They translate to any language ensuring continuous interaction of different communities globally.

The Objective Revision Evaluation Services (ORES) is a newly launched intelligence editing tool that is aimed to encourage innovation of Wikipedia experts. It’s designed to solve the problem of edits on the Wikipedia that ruins the credibility and reputations of the Wikipedia’s encyclopedia. The tool is both capable of detecting any damaging edits and also predicting whether the edits are made in good faith or not.

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Fashion Guru Don Ressler Has Some New Ideas


Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who has founded several companies in the fashion industry. He currently serves as the co-founder and CEO of JustFab and Fabletics. Mr. Ressler has always been passionate about staying fit. In his fitness adventure, he found out that there was a significant gap in athletic wear market that led to him to start his first company In 2001, Don sold his business to Intermix Media, an internet marketing company. He had realized the enormous potential in the online marketing field and started his career consulting companies on how to take advantage of it. By doing this, he was able to generate over $1billion in sales for various internet companies.


It is at Intermix that Don first met Adam Goldenberg and became first friends. Later New Corps acquired Intermix, and they teamed up to venture on their own by launching an e-commerce business platform called Intelligent Beauty. It is while at this that they discovered an opportunity to start a personalized online shopping experience. The idea was to use social interaction in coming up with great fashion concepts that would be affordable to the masses. They understood that for the plan to succeed it needed to be fun and interactive. After engaging various stakeholders on how to achieve the goal they came up with JustFab a fashion group where at $39.95 members would receive handbags, shoes, and accessories each month. JustFab growth was significant such that it caught the eye of Fashion Icon Kimora Lee of Baby Phat. Mr. Lee joined the company as President and Creative Director and helped the company reach 4million members by the end of the same year. To expand its, network JustFab received $33million from Matrix Partners, money that Don helped raise personally. After a year they needed to grow more, and they received $76million funding from Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty and Crossover Ventures.


In a very short period, JustFab had experienced rapid growth, and Mr. Ressler took this opportunity to make it worldwide as he had envisioned. In 2013, JustFab entered into a partnership with Kate Hudson to launch Fabletics. Fabletics is a brand that offers affordable quality and stylish active wear. In the expanding spree, JustFab opened an offline store, opened new niches for kids wear and even acquired its rival shoe company ShoeDazzle. Currently, JustFab is riding high with millions of subscribers all over the world.  Read more about Don on CrunchBase, and be sure to read his exclusive interview with Brandettes.

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Todd Lubar- The Modern Real Estate Guru

Todd Lubar ventured into Real Estate in 1995. Todd Lubar soon realized that he fancied every aspect of the business and that his desire to give back to the society would be fulfilled through engaging in real estate. It is upon this realization that Lubar decided to make real estate his life-time career.

Lubar Pursues His Dream

Lubar’s first experience in real estate begun at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, a place where he learnt about conservative mortgage banking. During his stint at Crestar Mortgage, Lubar quickly learnt about conservative mortgage banking and begun forging relationships with CPA’s, real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial planners who are currently part of his referral business.

Lubar and Legacy Financial Group

In 1999, Todd Lubar acquired shares with Legacy Financial Group. This investment decision allowed him to increase his lending capabilities which included brokering loans to investors and lending as a mortgage bank. In 2002, he established Legendary Properties, LLC in a bid to expand his Real Estate focus. Lubar’s venture into real estate enabled his rapid progression in rehabilitating, selling, purchasing, and profiting on numerous transactions beginning with single family homes to twenty unit multi-family houses.

After observing the market for more than 12 years, Todd Lubar established Legendary Financial LLC, a subsidiary of Legendary Properties LLC. The company is a lending service for individuals and organizations. Todd used his own funds and Legendary properties liquidity to promote a market of borrowers who, in ordinary circumstances, would not be considered by conventional lending services.

Lubar Expands His Reach

As the mortgage industry started to face challenges in 2007/08, Todd was engaged in other businesses. Lubar ventured into commercial demolition where he obtained large contracts from the largest contractors in the country. Lubar was also involved in automotive scrap metal recycling and this investment helped his company become a publicly traded business. Todd’s participation in more than 7,000 transactions enabled him to sharpen his skills in analyzing the total risk of any loan situation and making appropriate choices considering the current market conditions.

Currently, Lubar lives in Bethesda, Maryland. Lubar has 2 children who live with him in Bethesda. His goal in life is to strive to be better than he is today and to add value to those he meets.

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Talk Fusion Is Consistent

One thing that Bob Reina is constantly looking for and striving for is consistency. That is how a company is going to survive and last during these times. They need to be consistent with their message, how they run things, and what they are doing as a whole. They can’t compromise their character and they can’t compromise what has gotten them to this point. Talk Fusion was founded and created by Bob Reina back in 2007, and he has stayed true to his character and the character of the company. That has never changed and it never will change with him in charge.


That is a big part of the hiring process for him when he sits down and looks at people that are going to be part of Talk Fusion. They have to know what the company stands for and what they are looking for out of their employees in the day-to-day operations. Because of this consistency, they are winning awards from companies like the Technology Marketing Corporation ( This is a company that is not going to settle when it comes to looking at products and what they want out of them. Quite simply, they are looking for the best of the best.


What they have seen out of Talk Fusion recently in 2016 has shown them that this is a company that is the best of the best. That is why they have rewarded them with two awards, such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. They notice the little things that end up being big things in the long run when it comes to running a company. They can tell they have worked hard on their video chats, video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences. They have not rested on those, and they have not let them stay the same.


They have made sure they have only gotten bigger, better, and more user-friendly. Talk Fusion has a keen self awareness that has served them well and will serve them well long into the future as this is the kind of company that is not going anywhere.

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Doug Levit Strives to change the world through the Greyhound Diaries

America is a nation with great history. Many singers have played a huge role in building the country’s history. Prominent singers and songwriters have crossed countries throughout centuries as they write stories of the country. The stories and songs have helped create a better history and culture. Doug Levitt is an example of a traveling singer and writer that has helped change the American history. His music has convinced the American world that music has an impact to create change in the lives of many. People all over the world need such singers. A classic folk singer that is dedicated to improving the life of others should be recognized.


Doug Levitt started his journey as any other reported. He worked as a foreign correspondent for many years. He worked with international news agencies such as NBC and CNN. Even though he loved his life as a reporter, he knew that he had a calling to help the less fortunate. He thus longed for an opportunity to go out and learn about the poor people in the American community. He decided to quit his job and go to discover the story behind America.


Mr. Levitt’s journey with the Greyhound bus saw him come up with a series known as the Greyhound Diaries. It is a collection of web articles, recordings, and songs that feature the story of the less fortunate. Mr. Levitt has availed the stories to various bookshops in the nation. Most of his work can be seen in the Greyhound Diaries website where he publishes his articles. He has built a realistic view of the modern American poor lifestyle. His journeys with the Greyhound bus saw him come up with the most realistic stories.


Doug Levitt project is worth listening and reading. It is emotional and touches everyone that reads them. If Levitt is performing near or in your town, it would be worthwhile to go and listen to him. He is currently traveling across different parts of the United States sharing the stories and songs. He has accumulated over 10,000 images and videos that represent the plight of the less fortunate.

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Laidlaw’s Chief Executives Named In Relmada/Nevada State Lawsuit

Relmada Therapeutics has initiated a legal claim against Laidlaw in the state of Nevada. Laidlaw serves as Relmada’s primary banking partner, but is the center of a company lawsuit regarding a breach of fiduciary duties. Relmada claims that Laidlaw disclosed information regarding proprietary information without permission in its capacity as the company’s prime banking support entity.

Relmada has made it clear that its claim against Laidlaw is based on financial losses accrued from unexpected and unauthorized information disclosures. Laidlaw maintains its position of integrity as the primary financial backer of Relmada, an emerging therapeutic research giant. The issue at hand regarding this legal dispute is the position of stockholders who support the Relmada operation. A lawsuit against the company’s financial backers puts a strain on the positivity of the company’s shares in the eyes of patrons. Relmada’s legal actions hold Laidlaw accountable for all negative stock fallout resulting from the wanton securing of vital company research information.

Matthew Eitner is the CEO of Laidlaw & Company. He has a long history of financial success in the European market, but is at the heart of the Relmada lawsuit. His partner at Laidlaw, James Ahren, is the chief financial adviser for the company and is also named as being in breach of the Relmada contract. Both of these business professionals have incredible reputations as expert financial advisers, but are now the primary defendants in a Nevada lawsuit that involves two massive companies.

Laidlaw & Company has a centuries-old reputation for providing financial banking and advice to some of the world’s leading research companies. The Relmada claim against it regarding an unlawful disclosure of vital company information is an anomaly in its history, and could determine the entire future of Laidlaw & Company itself as a reputable investment institution.

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How tech and fashion industries relate

As tech evolves, it carries with it a lot of other platforms, such as fashion. This is according to Burch Creative Capital’s CEO, Christopher Burch. He argues that tech and fashion need each other to grow. From his point of view, the two industries should exist mutually to propel their growth. Chris Burch cites examples of how tech and fashion have grown over the years, to support this argument.

In the 70s and 80s, for instance, the boom box was the main music entertainment platform. The equipment allowed its owner to tune into different radio stations. In the 90s, the Walkman took over, allowing people to carry their own music around in compact disks, and listen to them. Currently, the iPod is the main music entertainment device. Looking at these developments, one would conclude that, people go for what they deem fashionable.

By also looking at what the future holds, it is evident that fashion and tech need to work together. Designers, for example, are trying to incorporate tech into their designs. With the advent of smartphones and many other smart devices, the necessity to charge these devices has increased. It is for this reason that fashion designers are trying to come up with shoes that generate electricity as one walks. This is possible by introducing mechanisms that convert the force and energy into electricity. This way, one would be able to charge his phone as he walks or runs.


About Christopher Burch

The billionaire investor runs Burch Creative Capital, a firm he founded in New York City. His desire to see small startups grow, is what compelled him to form this company. The firm works to develop brands and manage venture investments. Burch achieved the billionaire status in 2012, after selling some of his stake in his former wife’s fashion brand.

He runs his own website where he gives advice and personal opinions concerning matters of entrepreneurship, and how to make companies grow. One of Chris’ best-known article is one in which he speaks of how to get the most out of one’s job. According to him, three factors are key. The first is that, one should allocate time for various tasks. After this, time should also be allocated for brainstorming over completed tasks. Secondly, the entrepreneur believes that teamwork is also key. Lastly, as one produces, he should write down ideas that come popping up then.

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Use Wen To Get What You Want

The wonderful thing about a woman’s hair is that specific products used on the hair can greatly enhance its look and feel. Many women are concerned with the way that their hair looks, because hair is considered to be a crown of beauty. The problem is that it can take time for a woman to be able to find the hair products that are going to be right for her hair. Hair can come in many different textures, lengths, widths, thickness, and health. Since that is the case, it can be difficult for some women to find the perfect hair care products for her hair.

The reality is that trial and error is generally the best way to go. If a woman is able to find a hair care product that she believes can improve the look and feel of her hair, then that is the product that she should stick with. If she finds out that the product is not helpful to her hair, then she has to start looking for a new hair care product again. The whole process can seem very daunting, but the good news is that there are solutions.

Many women around the world have found that Wen by Chaz Dean is a great conditioning cleanser for their hair. These are women that may use shampoo and conditioner, but they find their products to be lacking. The great thing about Wen hair by Chaz Dean is that it works as a conditioner, shampoo, and a leave-in and conditioner, and a deep conditioner all in one package.

Savvy women have chosen to use Wen products, because they can see that they are truly beneficial to their hair. Wen conditioning cleanser is made without any harmful sulfates, so a woman’s hair can be moisturized and healthy. Wen conditioning cleanser is made for all different types of hair texture, and there have been thousands of testimonials from women around the world who have benefited from Wen products. More information and hair care tips can be found on WEN hair care’s Facebook page and Twitter.

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