How Sussex Healthcare uniquely handles their patients

Sussex Healthcare has operated for more than twenty years providing elderly care to the old generation and specialized care to needy adults. The company operates in the Southern Coast of England and has more than twenty facilities under its management. Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani founded the company, and they have helped its growth in a significant way through their excellent skills and backgrounds. Shiraz brought with him the experience from the hotel industry and Sachedina from the medical ground as a dental surgeon. The workforce between the two has made the company an award-winning home care network.

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Among the disorders related to old age that the company treats include dementia and Alzheimer. The young adults suffering from neurological disorders receive treatment in the Sussex Healthcare facilities. The company offers services to both moderate and intensive care patients. To provide these services smoothly, Sussex Healthcare ensures that the support team and the caregivers learn to take care of the patients in the company’s training institute. The teachers and the managers conduct the training to the recruits and the existing staff to keep them updated on the happenings at the company. The new caregivers and nurses do not necessarily need experience from outside because they receive training again from the company. However, they must be softhearted and caring because of the nature of Sussex patients that deserve proper care.

Apart from conventional treatment, the company provides the residents with social, leisure, and recreational services to make them feel loved. They access activities designed to fit their surroundings depending on their health conditions. The company provides the residents with balanced diet meals prepared by qualified chefs in the facilities for better health. The chefs also offer special meals to the residents according to the instructions from the doctors. Sussex Healthcare facilities have modern gym facilities to help patients with mobility challenges assisted by trained caregivers. Besides common gym exercises, the patients receive spa pools, multi sensory, and track hoisting specialized care facilities. The terminally and chronically ill patients receive specialized care from trained the specialists trained under the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care program that involves pain management and other services.

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Fortress Investment Group is a Trendsetter

Fortress Investment Group is a global investment manager and has more than 42 million dollars in assets. It was founded in 1998 and has grown to be a successful company. Fortress Investment wants to make strong adjusted returns for individual investors and private entities. It has more than 200 employees working hard to meet customers’ needs. Fortress Investment has been a trendsetter since its foundation. It is a diversified company with over 1700 investors and millions in assets. Fortress is led by Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger. The three principals work with other professionals to grow the company. Fortress Investment Group specializes in the capital market, asset-based investment, and corporate mergers and acquisition.

It takes pride in providing excellent service to clients. Employees undergo regular training to update their investment skills. Fortress Investment Group is a leading investment manager because it understands the needs of customers. It values feedback and looks for ways to improve their services. Moreover, it has developed robust tools for getting value from its investments. The firm performs well in evaluating operational, strategic and structural facts when handling its portfolio. Fortress Investment is knowledgeable about mergers and acquisitions. Employees have good relationships with corporate board members and other stakeholders.

It is a specialist corporation and leads in the capital market. It is skilled in securing finances through equity markets and debts. The company was founded by Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wes Edens. The trio developed the company to where it is today. They had finance experience which they used to navigate the industry. They wanted to create an investment firm that was unique and offered impeccable services. They invested in cutting edge vehicles and became successful. Rob Kauffman retired in 2012, leaving other partners in charge. Fortress Investment launched its first vehicle in 1999. It started by investing in the real estate sector to get more resources for additional investment. Kauffman retired to focus on his interest, car racing. Wes Edens and Peter Briger run the company with other professionals. Fortress Investment Group constantly looks out for investment opportunities to expand operations.


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Felipe Montoro James: Tips of the Trade

Felipe Montoro James is one of the best and most prominent people in Brazil’s finance industry. He also worked for Enel Group SPA as part of their project development department and structured department. Felipe Montoro James is now partially responsible for a lot of the developments in Brazil.

Felipe is an individual that holds a lot experience and has accumulated extensive knowledge through all of his experiences – he is the perfect person to ask for advice and guidance. Here are a few things that you can follow to be able to make a fruitful business and a better life.  Find out more at to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens always makes sure that he is always updated with current events. He makes sure that he reads serious and curious news because this piques his creative juices. Felipe Montoro Jens also enjoys quality movies because this also brings new ideas to his mind. Felipe Montero Jens also enjoys discussing ideas with smart and relevant people – even better when they have opposing views. New ideas are always brought about by healthy discussions.

Felipe punctuates on making sure that all your presentations are reviewed over and over again. There will never be a perfect presentation, but you can always make a nearly perfect presentation. With review after review, you’ll be able to spot areas that you can improve on.

Felipe says that he has set his mind and attitude to not be entirely impressed by the products that he has produced. This mindset keeps him hungry for more improvement. This is also Felipe’s way to keep himself very motivated – because there are times that he becomes a little bit lazy and he affects the work environment and the employees. With him with beams of motivation in his personality, he is sure to make his company as motivated as well.

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Edwin Miranda

How To Hire A Marketing Consultant: The Things Edwin Miranda Feels They Should Say To Seal the Deal

No one is perfect. In fact, in the marketing world, you should come to expect it, according to Edwin Miranda. Edwin Miranda has dealt with his fair share of consultants. He knows what they should and should not tell you.

Edwin Miranda’s Tips On Recognizing A Good Marketing Consultant

1) You need their help for a reason. A great consultant is not going to have all the answers, according to Edwin Miranda. In fact, the great ones always say they want to find out. They will say they want to explore the resolution together.

Any consultant that says they have all the answers should not be trusted, according to Edwin Miranda. In other words, they are selling something other than professional top advice and know-how.

2) A great consultant is going to want to know every detail. They want to know how they can create a resolution the best way they can. Some consultants want details to be fuzzy. That way they can worm out of something later when it becomes convenient. That type of consultant is not the one you want to hire, according to Edwin Miranda.

3) Some customers buy the cow when they can get the milk for free. Do you hear the guy telling you that you can do it on your own? That is a good thing. Why buy into a service when you do not need to? A good consultant will only help you with the areas you need help in.

4) Does the person want to come back and see how things are going? That is a good sign. Some consultants feel their work is done when they cash the check. A good consultant feels otherwise.

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Creating Ultimate Industry Finance: Mike Nierenberg

Mike Nierenberg has been a financial advocate and significant influencer in the stock market and other successful financial operations. While serving as a Directing Manager at Fortress, Nierenberg has administered advice to may. “Personal guarantee” is a popular financial term. Personal guarantee is defined by an individual’s legal agreement and business agreement. For example, when an individual agrees to repay business credit, they are locked into an agreement known as personal guarantee.

Personal guarantee is used in the market to separate and compartmentalize the vital aspects of business. This term is widely used in the industry. If an entire operation makes a promise and does not follow through, each individual is responsible. The process is noted as one of the most important aspects for successful businesses. Many individuals serve as partners for larger corporations. When an individual serves as an official partner, they are required to have a higher level of responsibility. Loan-to-loan value is another popular term in the field of business. Loan-to-loan is when an enterprise or lender prescribes the number of funds they are willing to pay.

Loan-to-loan involves enterprises known as building societies. Building societies are representative of the unique ratio for lenders. When a home is purchases, mortgages are created. Loan-to-loan is the process lenders endure for the purpose of fund replacement. Interest is placed on loan-to-loan agreements. Loan-to-loan gives all types of investors the option to complete the process through mortgage-debt. Profit and loss statements are also common aspect of business.

Profit and loss statements are created at the end of a calendar year. The profit and loss statements determine the total outcome of business. For example, if an enterprise lost equity over the course of twelve months, those indications are recorded in the profit and loss statements. Profit and loss statements can be created at monthly increments as well.

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The Influence of Dick an Betsy Devos on the Direction of Grand Rapids

Betsy and Dick Devos are a Michigan couple who have come to have a lot of influence on their hometown of Grand Rapids. Both are heirs to massive fortunes, and they have proven to be ready and willing to use their influence to impact the development of their hometown and its future course.


Betsy Devos is currently the Secretary of Education in the Trump administration. It’s a position she came to despite having no experience working in the Michigan public school system. Instead, she has been known for her hard-line advocacy of charter schools in the state, and for the use of vouchers for public school students who want to switch out of the public system.


Dick Devos’ Impact on Grand Rapids


Dick Devos, whose father co-founded the Amway Corporation, and who served as the CEO for the company from 1993 to 2002, got involved in the development of Grand Rapids in a big way in 1991. At that time, plans were announced for the development of a sports and convention arena north of the city center. Devos was aware of the negative impact on the city when the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills were built in Detroit at the time that the Detroit Lions and the Pistons departed the city back in the 70s.


Hoping to steer Grand Rapids away from a similar fate, Dick Devos got involved in lobbying against the idea, and joined a group of business leaders called Grand Action. This group was instrumental in having a major center built within the city, in order to keep the area active and avoid more suburban sprawl. The center now includes the Devos Place Convention Center and Performance Hall, as well as the Van Andel Arena, the Grand Rapids City Market and the Michigan State University’s medical school.


All of this has had a major impact on the future of Grand Rapids, where the Devos family’s impact can certainly be felt. Not all of Dick Devos’ political moves have been successful, but there’s no doubt that his push to keep the center of Grand Rapids vital has been notable.


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Jason Hope and Taming the Singularity

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur and investor but before we talk about his ideas on the Internet of Things or any of his philanthropic efforts to reduce the effects of aging we have to talk about a concept that should be familiar to any futurist and that is the concept of the technological singularity.

The technological singularity is an idea that at an indeterminate point in the future the advancement of technology will be so fast that it would be considered instant between iterations of new advancements. Many futurists pose theories on how humanity would change in the event of a technological singularity but the common conclusion that the human race would evolve with this technology. This is an idea that pairs with the concept of the Internet of Things which relates to the constant growth of internet connected devices that were previously not internet enabled. We live in a world where things even as innocuous as light bulbs are smart enabled and able to be controlled via an app connected to the internet. Some may even be old enough to remember a time before the internet was even around and its rapid and almost viral encroach into our everyday lives is where Jason Hope comes in. His first company Jawa at face value might not seem to relate to his work with SENS but we must keep in mind his keen eye as a futurist his uncanny ability to notice technological trends before they occur. Getting into the mobile app market at an early time foreshadows his later work as an entrepreneur and investor.

After creating his own company Jason Hope went on to primarily be an investor in other technologies and companies. His goal is to invest in forward thinking companies that reach towards the future to make today a better place. In 2010 Jason Hope donated 500,000 dollars to the SENS Research Foundation. The SENS Research Foundation is dedicated to the research and eradication of degenerative diseases like Alzheimers and even further they are dedicated to finding a way to stop or reverse the aging process. The SENS Foundation at first seems to be an unrelated cause for someone whose work mostly outside the medical field but this is where Jason Hope’s futurist ideals come into light. Constant growth of Internet of Things and the inevitably of it spilling into every facet of life means that we should focus on how technology can enrich our lives. Jason Hope in the spirit of his name; hopes for a time when disease, disparity and even death are a thing of the past made obsolete by our advancements with technology. Click here to learn more

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A Look at Sports Coach Superstar Yanni Hufnagel

Born in Scarsdale, New York, Yanni Hufnagel is a former American athlete and basketball coach. He has an extensive history in sports, backed with a prestigious education from various schools. From an early age, Hufnagel has been involved in several sports. He took the most interest in basketball and lacrosse. Later he would play for his high school’s varsity lacrosse team.

Hufnagel began his college career at Pennsylvania State Unversity, where he played as a defenseman for the institute’s lacrosse team. Over his sports career, Hufnagel would attend several more prestigious universities, including Cornell University, where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations.

Hufnagel proved to be a stellar leader and mentor in the athletic field. Many of his teams won numerous championships and divisions. He served various roles of coaching including a graduate and assistant coach, and recruiter. His records preceded him. Many colleges wanted him to coach their teams. It was a tough decision for Hufnagel. The process of selecting schools helped to shape Hufnagel’s career later in his career.

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After earning his master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education, Yanni Hufnagel went on to coach the Harvard Crimson men’s basketball team . Under the leadership of Hufnagel, the team developed a favorable reputation for its distinct sportsmanship and energy. The team went on to win the NCAA Divison I Men’s Basketball tournament. The moment was a victory for the team and a personal victory for Hufnagel. He also has played a major role in coaching other notable star athletes including Jeremy Lin. One key advantage to Hufnagel’s training is that he passes on the exact training regimes that followed to be a successful athlete. You can checkout for more details.

Hufnagel’s coaching journey at Harvard was the beginning of a series of successful turnouts for the many more teams he coached. He also coached teams at Vanderbilt, the University of Nevada Reno, and the University of California, Berkeley. Many of his coaching opportunities were short-term agreements between him and the institute. To this day, Hufnagel remains one of college basketball’s most distinguished coaches.



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Jeremy Goldstein Raises Money for Foundation House

Jeremy Goldstein has been heavily involved in charitable work for years. As a lawyer based in New York, he often does philanthropic work for New York based organizations. He is known as one of the top lawyers in the field of executive compensation. He recently hosted a wine dinner for one the charities he has worked with regularly.

The lavish wine and food dinner was to raise money for Foundation House. Foundation House was started in 1944 by people who did not want to suffer with mental illness alone. They formed a community.

Those initial six people has grown to over 100,000 across 30 countries. Foundation House’s mission is to both help sufferers of mental illness become productive members of their communities and to raise awareness of mental illness.

Mental health issues affect over 450 million people worldwide. It can affect anyone regardless of gender, age or race. Foundation House has an incredible track record in helping those with mental health problems. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting Fountain House | Patch and Jeremy Goldstein | American Conference

People who have been helped by Foundation House are far more likely to graduate school, find housing and a job, and avoid having to go back to hospital.

The numbers speak for themselves. Foundation House patients have half the unemployment as general sufferers of mental health, and it has found 99% of its members housing compared to 60% for those not helped by the charity.

Foundation House offers education and skills that help its members in a variety of jobs around New York. They include horticulture, culinary skills, and communications. It is all part of the commitment of the charity to show that people with mental health issues can take full part in society.

Jeremy Goldstein is a member of the board for the charity, and he is proud to again raise money and awareness for the organization.

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The benefits of Organo Gold coffee products you should know

In the United States of America, various coffee companies supply coffee products to coffee joints and other retail outlets. Organo, formerly called Organo Gold is one of the companies that provide people in need of these coffee based wellness supplements to sustain their active lifestyles. Organo Gold gives its customers the opportunity to purchase the products either in retail or wholesale. Additionally, the company provides the customers with a chance of becoming its affiliate marketers. This plan gives the customers not only a good business opportunity but also strengthens the bond between Organo and the customers.

Some of the coffee products provided by Organo Gold include single-serve brews, flavored beverages, teas and various varieties of coffee beverages to name but a few. Other products include personal care and body management products like spore powder, beauty bars, grape seed oil, nutritional shakes and mycelium among others. Contrary to the regular instant coffee products in the market, Organo’s instant coffee, the Gourmet Organic King of Coffee, a brand that is very rich in Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder. The highly nutritious Ganoderma powder found in Ganoderma mushrooms is full of antioxidants that make this coffee product stand above the rest. Besides, the King of Coffee has a unique taste because it comes from the medium dark colored and rich bodied Arabica roast brand. To know more about the company click here.

Founded in 2008, Organo Gold produces body wellness supplements like Fenix XT and Mycellium. Fenix XT is a mango peach flavored energy booster that enhances performance, stamina, and energy. The product comes in powdered form. Ganoderma Lucidum is another product from Organo used in the manufacture of toothpaste and soap. The customers like the company’s gel toothpaste because of its honey color. Besides, the Organo Smile toothpaste provides the customers with brighter smiles, fresher breath, and whiter teeth.

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