Evolution of Smooth vs The Competition

The lip balm wars have been going on for decades. The market is really tough and there are some really good products to choose from. Blistex, Burt’s Bees and Chapstick have all dominated the scene at one point in time or another. Unfortunately, every good thing must come to an end. The new king of the hill in this competitive field is known as Evolution of Smooth, refer also to frenchtribune.com. This brand hasn’t been around nearly as long as its counterparts, but it’s definitely making a name for itself. Evolution of Smooth markets itself to a specific demographic, but anyone is allowed to buy the products. Males and females both tend to use the lip balm products religiously and on a consistent basis. Some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry are a part of the fandom. This includes Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera.

Welcome to an all-new era of oral care products, buy your favorite lip balm here on costco.ca. Evolution of Smooth has just released its Vegan Crystal Lip Balm in the past month. One of the most extraordinary facts about this product is that it sold out in less than 24 hours, hop over this site. Words can’t describe how big of a deal this is and no other brand has come close to achieving this. These are some of the most innovative products of today, and they look fabulous. One of its best attributes is that it has a clear appearance. That’s right! The new crystal lip balms are translucent. They also come in limited flavors for the time being. Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid are the only two options, but more flavors will be added in due time.

As of today, EOS is a $250 million company. There are reports showing that this exclusive industry is expected to grow even more and who knows what the company’s net worth will be in the near future.

Visit this link, https://www.facebook.com/eos/.


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EOS Vegan Lip Balm

EOS always comes out with products that people instantly love. People couldn’t get enough of their unique sphere shaped lip balms, and now they came out with a vegan lip balm. This lip balm has the same sphere shape you love, but the lip balm is actually clear! It just launched on August the fourth and sold out on the same day, order here! People already love the new product. It is made with completely natural products and it animal byproduct-free. It only comes in two different scents so far which are vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach. They sell for $5.49 a piece and will sell in stores such as Walmart, walgreens, cvs, and target. It only contains seventeen natural products. There is so much to love about this new vegan lip balm!

Read more cool articles here on http://www.usmagazine.com/stylish/news/eos-updated-its-classic-lip-balm-photos-w496434.

People immediately fell in love with the EOS lip balm products, see amazon.de. Lip balm was always typical and they all looked the same until EOS came out with their sphere shaped lip balms with pastel colors and several different flavors to choose from. Shortly after the products were launched the shelves started to empty immediately and suddenly you seen these pastel spheres everywhere. They were a huge success and critics and magazines raved about the completely unique product!


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Market America Inc for All

One of the things that Market America Inc works on is human health. Their nutraMetrix Division was created to help provide human health solutions specifically created for use by health professionals. nutraMetrix enables any health worker to make use of custom wellness and weight-loss solutions for individual clients. With their line of programs, services, and nutraceuticals, nutraMetrix is trying to promote human wellness one patient and one health worker at a time.

Market America Inc currently employs over 5,000 nutraMetrix Consultants, 3,000 nutraMetrix Health Professionals, as well as a large, hard working corporate nutraMetrix team. They are doing things that the federal government and health insurance companies cannot do. They are doing what pharmaceutical companies refuse to do and what the government. nutraMetrix is promoting health in the United States, one patient and one health worker at a time



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Michel Terpins: The Racer Playing For The Bull’s Sertes Rally Team

Racing is a tough game to crack. You need endurance. You need to fight for your goals. You need to go to the end of your limits and find the right energy to withstand the hurdles for each lap. This challenge is the situation that Michel Terpins was facing when he joined the Bull’s Sertões Rally Team in the doubles of the 25th edition the last time the T1 Prototype Category got launched. The RacerMichel Terpins also acceded to the team for the largest off-road sports event in the nation and will start from the 19 up to 26/8, which then will have an end at the 3,300 km of the road race. Michel Terpins won’t succeed in the sports if he doesn’t have the support of an incredible and powerful team. The team he’s in consists of the best players in Goias, Mato Grosso does Sul and Mato Grosso. These are the three states that include the 25-year Sertões Rally that MichBeing the pilot of theteam, Michel Terpins also proved himself a worthy leader in the team. With the help of navigator Maykel Justo (#322) of the Bull Sertões Rally Team, success will be an easy feat to achieve. The team will prove worthy and flush the dust off the 3,300-kilometer long race. The race got held at the Support Park in the Autodromo Internacional de Goiania and had established a series of distinct trajectories in an off-road setting. The paths in the off-road environment saw Terpins and Justo doing the race in a consecutive year both in the T1 Prototype category and onboard the T-Rex platform that MEM Motorsport has developed. The car used for the contest has undergone a significant and influential modification that gave the car an even more compelling and competitive edge. This robustness makes the Sertoes race the most awaited exciting event that the year would see, and it will prove most enjoyable to those who will see Michel Terpins play the game that he’s proven himself worthy to do. With the robust car that the team of Michel Terpins has, it’s not hard to easy how they would win the race, and even if anything can happen at the end of the game, they’re sure that their meticulously robust car with a V8 ethanol engine would be a force to reckon.


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Rocketship Education Tide of Change Beckons

Rocketship Education is a center that embraces teacher and student diversity; integrating partners from all walks of life race, gender, ethnicity not a limiting factor. Their quality inclusion model makes the school befitting for the disabled kids and other physically sound children. They have potential to isolate kids with disruptive traits from the rest and attend to them individually to maximize capacity.

The most outstanding specs about the school are that learning is a continuous process and teacher can never be too excellent but rather be open minded and dynamic. Flex model commonly used in the school is the guide to learning, coaching, goal setting and response to reviews and feedback. To achieve these, a teacher should also be a coach and an educator, qualities they look out for during recruitment. Additionally, through the ten years of operation, Rocketship Education has learned that survival and success is a team effort. They, therefore, put emphasis on integration.

Preston Smith, the CEO and Founder of Rocketship Education links the schools’ success to individualized attention to each child’s need both at school and at home, parental participation, diversity, and tested and workable models. To reaffirm why Rocketship Education should be your choice he clearly says that his maternal kids have been enrolled at Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep. The subsided fee has made the public refer to the school as private but free. From Smith’s belief that Public Schools are Private schools equal, he has renamed the institution as Rocketship Public Schools from Rocketship Education.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a network of public charter schools that offer quality education and is not motivated by money but rather is a not for profit institution. It mostly serves areas that are disadvantaged or those whose locality is of lower caliber such as California, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. The center is about ten years older now.

Rocketship Education was founded by Preston Smith in the quest to ensure all students’ capabilities can be put at full potential. Its great achievement is from parental inclusion, personalized learning and qualified and passionate teachers. Its headquarters are in Redwood City. Rocketship Education has a student population of over 1 million students under the network.


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EOS: The New Look is Crystal Clear

Out with the old and in with the new! As if EOS lip balms weren’t already popular enough, they may be in the process of gaining more fans. Turns out, they’ve ditched the spherical packaging we have all come to know and love and traded it for a new triangular shaped packaging. The new lip balm has social media in an uproar, as EoS has been promoting the new product on Instagram, read more information here. However, the outside is not the only thing about the lip balm that has changed. EOS has also swapped the opaque look, for a new crystal clear formula. Its CRYSTAL CLEAR that the lip balm’s new wax-free sleek look is hot! If the new look alone isn’t enough for some people, EOS also claims that the all new crystal clear lip balm is vegan friendly. Who doesn’t want that?! There are currently two flavors for one to choose from: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchard. In addition to lip balms, EOS also makes hand lotions, body lotions, and shave creams. Read more related articles here on frenchtribune.com. Wondering if their other products work and smell as great as the lip balms? Try them out! You can swing by your local walmart.ca, cvs, Target, or Walgreens to try any EOS product.

Make sure to get for yourself, shop here at http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm.


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How to Prepare for a Life Line Screening

In most cases, ultrasound screening is usually easy, painless, convenient and affordable. With the right and state of the art ultrasound screening equipment, getting accurate results is much easy. Sonography also referred to as ultrasound is a technique that uses sound waves to image structures in the body. High-frequency sound waves are focused on the affected areas of the body to give recorded results.

When preparing for Life Line Screening, it is important to note the following:

1. The screening process takes approximately 60 minutes of paperwork before the actual screening process. The exact time of what the process will take mostly depends on the number and the level of tests to be taken and also the nature of the body also influences the time taken to complete the tests. Accuracy and quality output are also essential to any Life Line Screening process, and thus it is important for a patient to pre plan for the whole process.

2. It is also imperative to wear correctly. Most screening processes require one to wear a comfortable two-piece outfit that is composed of loose clothing. It is also advisable not to wear turtlenecks, especially when going for a carotid artery screening process.

3. The confidentiality level during Lifeline Screening process should be high enough. The privacy of the patient should always be taken seriously. It is therefore important to separate the screening area from the waiting area. One does not require removing clothes during the process except shoes or socks.

4. Most screening processes are not 100 percent accurate. However, to improve public confidence and quality of screening process most health regulatory bodies have taken necessary measures to ensure that the highest possible results are obtained. Therefore, most accredited health facilities will offer reliable results, that is, results that are comparable to any other accredited hospital across the nation.

Screening processes are essential, and they help to detect diseases. They also help to identify risk factors for certain diseases. It is, therefore, important to have a general check-up now and then. There is no particular period or age to have a screening process.

Learn More: www.lifelinescreening.com/Who-We-Are/Careers

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EOS Creates The Crystal Lip Balm

The brand EOS has spread widely. The lip balms produced by EOS are unique. This lip balm brand is well-known for its circular shape with round solid lip balms inside of each one. A new type of EOS lip balm has emerged which is the crystal lip balm. It is unique with the lip balm being crystal clear. Along with the new crystal clear lip balm the packaging appears to be altering. The customary round shape has been altered to have more of a three-sided finish. As a result the lip balm has a jewel-like outcome. More to read on frenchtribune.com.

The crystal lip balm will become the must have item to carry around. No worries about it being sticky. The crystal lip balm is free of wax due to the vegan ingredients. This lip balm contains 5 oils. Some of the essential oils it contains include shea, coconut, and avocado. The two flavors available for the crystal lip balm are Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Overall, EOS is paving the way for a unique spin on lip balm.

Evolution of Smooth began to gradually appear everywhere. EOS began to first appear at Walgreens, head over this site.  Eventually, Evolution of Smooth was on the shelves of walmart.ca and Target. Beauty publishers began to rave about the flavors. EOS began to be all over magazines associated with the fashion and beauty industry.

There are several EOS organic lip balms. Some of the organic lip balm flavors include passion fruit, sweet mint, wildberry, and vanilla bean. This brand also has hand lotions. Some of the hand lotion flavors include cucumber and berry blossom. EOS also has shaving cream. Some of the shaving cream flavors include tropical fruit, vanilla bliss, and pomegranate raspberry. EOS has a great selection to choose from. All products are available here at http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm.

In conclusion, EOS is a very innovative and creative company.


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Ends Citizens United- Supreme Court Case And How It Raises 4 Million

Ends Citizens United is a Political Action Committee (PAC) based in Washington, D.C. The PAC was established in 1988 by Floyd Brown, a political consultant who hails from Washington. Ends Citizens United received significant funding from the industrialists- Koch family who own the second largest privately owned company in the USA. The group promotes socially conservative causes and corporate interests to advance national security and sovereignty. The main aim of the group is to elect campaign-finance reform champions to the U.S Congress. Currently, David Bossie serves as the president and chairman of the group.

Supreme Court Case

In 2008, there was a Supreme Court case known as Citizens United v. FEC about election spending in which End Citizens United was the plaintiff. Citizens United challenged the law by suing the Federal Election Commission which sets election rules and campaign finance laws. As a result, in 2009, the PAC gained fame through the controversial Supreme Court case which made its way through lower courts before the U.S. Supreme Court granted an appeal.

End Citizens United sought to broadcast Television advertisements for a video-on-demand film criticizing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. However, this would violate the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act which barred unions and corporations from paying for media that mentioned candidates in periods after preceding elections. The Justices gave a 5-4 ruling that declared unconstitutional the government restriction on independent political spending by corporations and unions as well as determined the anti-Clinton broadcast should have been allowed. As a result, Citizens United has positively affected the way corporations and unions can spend on elections.

End Citizens United Raises 4 Million

End Citizens United focuses on raising money out of politics, and this was seen during the first three months of 2017 when the group collected over 4 million dollars. According to fundraising details that were provided to USA Today, the PAC aims at raising 35 million dollars via a series of various projects ahead of the midterm elections in 2018 for Congress. Also, End Citizens United carries out its operations as a traditional political action committee and does not accept individual donations of more than 5,000 dollars.

In April 2017, End Citizens United urged its contributors to make a 500,000 dollar contribution towards Democrat Jon Ossoff. Mr. Ossoff is the first-time candidate in Georgia’s congressional campaign that raised over 4 million dollars on April 18, 2017, for the special election held to fill a Republican House seat that was left vacant by the Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Prince. Approximately 100,000 people contributed to the PAC during the first quarter of 2017 according to Tiffany Muller, the PAC’s executive director, and president. So far, the average contribution the PAC has received is 12 dollars.

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EOS – The Small Orb That Became Big Business

Through the years we have all suffered dry, chapped lips at one time or other. If lip balm wasn’t available, we would pull out the jar of vaseline and rub in a soothing coat or two on our lips. The taste was horrible and balm thick and sticky. When we became desperate enough to hit the department or drug store aisles, our choices were limited. The cylindrical tubes of Chapstick were, at the time, the number one purchase. Still thick and tasteless, but better than the alternative.

See frenchtribune.com to know about EOS.

A few years ago a true start-up company started marketing pastel-colored orbs of lip balm. Soon they were in wide demand, taking over sales at Walgreens and more amazing products here at walmart.ca. Beauty editors at Cosmo and Allure couldn’t get enough of this lip balm. Its name, as unique as its shape, EOS was soon the number one product seen in the hands of celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera.

EOS, Evolution of Smooth, was an idea that took off. The creators of the product wanted something that would engage all five senses, see this link. The packaging was soft and round and felt good in one’s hands. The pastel colors were pleasing to the eye. Even the smell of the balm and taste are gratifying to the senses. The price tag itself is satisfying at approximately $3 per orb.

EOS has driven growth in the oral care category satisfying the demand for natural and organic products. Currently, EOS sales alone are over one million units per week, out selling Chapstick and Blistex. The market is expected to be on the rise, reaching $2 billion by 2020. What started out as a thought on paper between friends, quickly became a multi-billion dollar business. Ever growing, always giving the consumer what they want.

To read the article in its entirety, visit: https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick


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