Sweet Scents Of Mint

When I want my lips to feel soft and smooth, I turn to EOS lip balm. The spheres of aromatic balm come in numerous flavors. I have seen a few special scents at certain times of the year, such as peppermint for Christmas. The flavors that are available the rest of the year are just as delightful and protect the lips as the product is made with vitamin E and jojoba oil. Blog post here on blogwebpedia.com for more details.

One of the spheres that I enjoy is the Sheer Pink. It has a light pink color and comes in a black and pink container. It has a light aroma of cherries blended with vanilla. The smell isn’t overpowering, and it’s not bad in taste, either. I enjoy how it makes my lips shimmer whether I wear it to the office or when I’m out for the evening. Have a peek at this website.

Another scent that I would have to say is my favorite is the Sweet Mint. The light green container gives an indication as to what it will smell and taste like, visit youtube.com for more details. It’s comparable to a peppermint candy but not quite as strong. There are hints of vanilla mixed in with the mint, making it more like a bowl of ice cream of the same flavor.

Hit this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQEsd7_LaLk

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Investor and Entrepreneur Chris Burch Is One Of A Kind

Chris Burch may be the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, but that is certainly not his only claim to fame. In fact, he has been an entrepreneur and prolific investor across a diverse range of industries for well over four decades now. To his credit can be attributed the rise of multiple brands like Faena Hotel + Universe, Jaw Bone, Tory Burch, Poppin and Voss Water.  Additional article on forbes.com.

Among his notable achievements have been the acquisition and renovation of Nihiwatu, a premium luxury resort on the Indonesian island Samba, which went on to be ranked as the number one hotel in the world in 2016 by the Travel+Leisure Magazine. The genesis of his interest in the hospitality sector lay in his partnership with architect Philippe Stark and Hotelier Alan Faena to redevelop a neglected piece of land in Argentina into the now iconic Faena Hotel + Universe, and the rest, as they say, is history.

That apart, he tied up with the television hostess extraordinaire Ellen DeGeneres with the intention of promoting her lifestyle brand ED by Ellen DeGeneres.  For more of this, check this must-read interview with Burch on interview.net.   That was not all. He then went on to start Cocoon9, a luxury prefabricated homes concept that came with the works-contemporary design, optimal floor plans, energy efficient features and of course sophisticated finishes.

All of the above are only a part of the whole that also comprises of the hospitality outsourcing business Bur+Mah, the office supplies company Poppin, and the women’s accessory and brand names simply TRADEMARK. Not one to rest on his laurels, Burch is busy with his support for the development and enhancement of several other lifestyle and consumer product brands like Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, BaubleBar, Chubbies, and Soludos.  Related reading on bjtonline.com.

The business successes aside, Burke is just as passionately involved in charity and philanthropy. This is borne out by his presence on the Board of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He has also funded the research, and philanthropic initiatives carried out by organizations like NYU Langone, the Sumba Foundation, and The China Association of Social Work, among many others.  For updates of Burch timeline activities, hit on this.

Burch’s flagship company Burch Creative Capital is aptly named for he has been truly at his creative best in identifying areas of growth and opportunity around the world and joined hands with rare talents around the world to come up with the iconic brands that the world associates him with. Truly Burch is one of a kind.

For an in-depth look at Burch Creative Capital, visit http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/

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Chris Burch’s Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Chris Burch has officially built the best five-star resort in the world. The fashion mogul bought the former beach hostel from a couple in 2012 before transforming it into the masterpiece that it is now. Located in Sumba, Indonesia, the resort is on a remote Indonesian island. Together with hotelier James McBride, the two spent $30 million renovating the resort that was officially opened in 2015. Their efforts paid off. In 2016, Nihiwatu, the resort, was voted the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure.

The resort has 27 private villas. All the villas have private plunge pools. One can also opt for any of two, two-storey tree houses that have a bathroom, bedroom, and balcony. The main tree house also has a living area and private infinity pool. During the low season, a one-bedroom villa at the resort goes for $750. Burch also has his own private estate that is also available to guests.

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Located on the beach, Nihiwatu offers scenic views ideal for sightseeing and field excursions. Those with a knack for surfing can enjoy doing so on swells from the Southern Ocean at a location surfers consider as one of the best surfing locations in the world. Surfing lessons are available for those interested. Riding stable are available for those who enjoy horseback riding into the sunset. A local horse whisperer can even teach you how to connect with the horses. Yoga sessions and a beach spa are available. Private sessions for both can be organized at the comfort of one’s room.

About Chris Burch

A well-seasoned entrepreneur, Burch is the founder and also the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. A fashion mogul, Burch is the co-founder of Tory Burch, a luxury fashion brand. He also owns other businesses in different industries such as financial services, technology, spanning apparel, consumer products, real estate, and hospitality.  Head over to burchcreativecapital.com for an in-depth reading.

To learn more about Burch business, hop over to this.

Burch started his entrepreneurial journey while still at Ithaca College as an undergraduate student. Using $2,000, he started Eagle Eye’s Apparel together with his brother eventually growing the business to $165 million before selling it to Swire Group. More to read on ideamensch.com.  His entrepreneurial journey spans more than 40 years, and he is using his knowledge in business to advise budding managers and entrepreneurs on his website, Christopher Burch. He has also served on several boards such as that of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He has also sat on The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board as president. Additionally, his philanthropic pursuits have seen him contribute to research and initiatives such as The Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement, The Child Welfare League of China, among others. Related articles on forbes.com

For updates on his timeline activities, hit https://www.crunchbase.com/person/j-christopher-burch#/entity

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Clinical Pathways Will Streamline the Process of Treating Cancer and Improve Patient Care

The process of treating cancer can seem daunting, but Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth in order to make the process easier for oncologists to navigate with their new Clinical Pathways program. The Clinical Pathways platform is a comprehensive tool customized to streamline the process of treating cancer for oncologists.

Clinical Pathways utilizes the NantOS clinical operating system so that oncologists can directly access a database of evolving cancer care information. This is possible because NantHealth’s eviti clinical decision support system can access clinical workflow information from Allscript’s Sunrise electronic health record to equip oncologists to make informed decisions at the point of care. This streamlined process offers the input of hundreds of oncologists across the nation.

Clinical Pathways gives oncologists direct access to treatments customized to the patient, with their medical history taken into consideration. The platform also allows oncologists to converse with their patients with side-by-side comparisons of treatment options and costs. The planning process for Clinical Pathways began early in 2016 with the goal of greater transparency in the diagnosis and treatment of all cancers and subtypes, to cut down on insurance processing time and discrepancies in treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a national, for-profit network of five hospitals focused on treating all kinds of cancers. Each of their five state-of-the-art cancer treatment centers are focused solely on cancer treatment, and they offer care plans to meet the needs of the individual.

CTCA’s hospitals have earned Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission, Top Performer on Key Quality Measures and the Magnet Award for all five locations. They take an integrative approach to treatment, with well researched methods to treating the underlying cancer as well as the side effects of medication, and depression and anxiety linked to the diagnosis.

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Eric Lefkofsky, Business Owner of Tempus

Are you familiar with the name Eric Lefkofsky? If not, you most likely have heard about his business venture, Groupon. This company is his third business however is his most recognized. Eric has made quite a name for himself earning more than 1.7 billion dollars through the years. With his business knowledge, Eric is sure to move onto the bigger and better things in business.In recent months, Eric Lefkofsky has started a new business with a great objective in mind. Tempus is his newest business venture. This business is going to collect data for building a database on cancer. It is this company that is going to be used to allow doctors to submit and analyze a patient’s DNA which will allow for therapy to be aimed specifically to the patient and their needs. In previous years, patients were less likely to live longer lives than they are able to now. For some, this is the only hope they have.

Eric began to realize that technology was not moving as fast as the times were and therefore someone needed to help the doctors advance the collection of data gathered for their patients. With the new technology, more doctors are able to have their data analyzed whereas others were not before the start of Tempus.Eric made sure that as he began his business, that he partnered with various hospitals that are well known. With Tempus, there is a lab that is equipped to handle all the tests needed as well as information that needs to be analyzed for the doctors. In the 20,000 square foot lab, there is equipment that will help with the gene sequencing that is needed to analyze a patients DNA.

Tempus also has allowed for doctors to use software that is used to collect data and create profiles of their patients. By using the software, more patients are able to find treatments that are aimed more towards each individual case rather than the standard treatments that were used previously.In 2015, Eric decided to step down from the position of CEO of Groupon. By doing this, Eric is more able to focus on the building of the Tempus business. He still holds a position inside of the Groupon business as well as remaining a large shareholder of Groupon business.

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Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre Transforms the Lives of People Teaching Kabbalistic Principles of Life Fulfillment

At a particular age in life, we all seek self fulfillment to live a joyful, peaceful and healthy life style. Many of us study the Bible and other sacred texts to learn and discover the purpose our existence while living on earth. People from all walks of life hold on to their faith and seek other resources to help them on their journey to make the world, in which they live a better place and productive. Kabbalists at the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre are devoted to teaching their students regardless of ethnic or religion. They teach the principles of an ancient wisdom that transforms the mind to believe in oneself in this lifetime.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches the importance of afterlife and immersion in worldly life by helping students connect with other people in pleasing ways. Some of the principles are applied to our daily lives, such as getting up in the morning and finding the appropriate clothes to wear. The clothes we wear make an impression on the people we meet everyday. Transforming how we think can produce thoughts of love, kindness and compassion. The Kabbalah Centre teaches that the quality of our thoughts before or while dressing ourselves clothe the soul.

Philip Berg founded LA Kabbalah Centre, in 1984, as a non-profit organization providing Kabbalistic and Zohar courses. Its regional centers offers online courses and study groups, international and national. The courses study the ancient texts of Kabbalah and Kabbalist Rag Isaac Luria’s writings from the 16th Century. The Kabbalah Centre stated to French Tribune that people should accept their earthly desires and stop punishing themselves. In acceptance, we must maintain self control and live life in moderation and peace.

To know more visit Preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing


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Where Igor Cornelsen Might Tell You To Invest Your Money

For many middle class Americans they usually think about their present circumstances and going to work from 9 to 5 while saving up money to have a little fun on the weekend. But Igor Cornelsen has a little bit of advice for them to do more with that money and save up not just for one weekend or one vacation of fun, but to really invest in a future that will have what they need. That future might be buying a new car or house, sending a child to college one day or even retirement. Cornelsen encourages investing in stocks and other securities and even has tips on investing in foreign countries such as Brazil.


Igor Cornelsen is a man who can be trusted because he’s invested even during some turbulent markets. He was the portfolio manager at several big Brazilian banks for many years but then retired and became a private investor in startup companies and other stocks. Cornelsen knows that with the economic shifts the US and Brazlian stock markets have had it’s hard to know what you should invest in sometimes, but he’s offered some pointers for new investors to get started with.


Cornelsen recommends investors start out small with a variety of stocks and mutual funds to make sure their investments are diversified. The reason it’s good to own multiple stocks instead of one big large investment is that losses in one investment could be offset by gains in another one. Second, Cornelsen says investors should have a long-term goal for investing instead of trying to get rich overnight. The stock market has a lot of ups and downs and making a lot of trades right away usually leads to a huge loss. And Cornelsen also says investors should consider damaged stocks as a starting point for investing to buy low and sell high. Corneelsen also says investors should consider looking at Brazil as a good foreign investment, but does warn that they should do a lot of homework on government regulations and local banks before jumping into it. You can follow Igor  Cornelsen on Tumblr and Twitter. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/igorcornelsen

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Honey Birdette’s Big Plans For The Future

Honey Birdette, Australia’s first sensuality boutique, was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan. Honey Birdette is an adult theme brand aimed at bringing more spice to the bedroom. They offer a large selection of lingerie and toys all designed by the owners themselves. You can visit Honey Birdette by going to one of their 55 locations found in Australia. For those in the U.K., you can find them at one of their 3 locations located there. If you are discreet when it comes to your life in the bedroom then you may find them on their online store.

At Honey Birdette, you can find an extensive selection of lingerie. Their lingerie collection includes bras, thongs, undergarments, suspenders, and much more. You can also find a selection of toys for the bedroom. They offer toys for both him and her and even for couples. Honey Birdette offers other necessities for the bedroom such as stockings, latex clothing, candles, and bondage items.

Due to an increase in consumers, Honey Birdette has opened its U.S. e-commerce site. Honey Birdette had experienced a 347% increase in sales from the U.S. With this new site they plan hope to enhance the buyer experience with faster delivery, easier returns, and an extended products range. In the future, they also hope to bring physical stores to the states rather than just online.

As of right now, Honey Birdette has 3 locations open in the U.K. The store hopes to raise this number to 40 by the end of 2018. Their first U.K. store was opened last year in London’s Covent Garden. This then became three stores after opening one in Leed’s Victoria Gate and Westfield White City. The brand has also 10 mores stores lined up in places such as Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, Leeds, and Liverpool.

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Chris Burch Stresses The Importance of Asking Questions

For many people that have questions about success in the industry, the answers often comes as counter intuitive. One of the common misconceptions about business success is that one has to be a know-it-all. The opposite is true. In order for people to be successful in business, they have to be willing to ask questions. As a matter of fact, Chris Burch has said it best as a successful entrepreneur. One has to have a million questions and then they have to be broken down into a million more questions. One common saying is that the only stupid questions are the ones that aren’t asked.  For more of his business success, click businessinsider.com.

Asking questions is important because no one is going to start off knowing everything. Another reason that asking questions is advisable is that it helps people make the right connections for success. Also, research is very important. No one is going to succeed with the right type of knowledge. With Chris Burch, he is in the investment industry. Therefore, he has to make sure that he knows enough about a potential investment before making the plunge.  After all, he has to make sure that the investment is going to profit him so that he can put his money towards other investments.  Have an in-depth look of Burch investment, hit on burchcreativecapital.com.

More interesting news here.

Among other things that Chris Burch loves to do is come up with disruptive ideas.  Hop over to huffingtonpost.com for additional news.  For one thing, the best way to bring progress is to disrupt the current way of doing things. Often times, some of the best ideas are rejected and even ridiculed before they are proven to work. This is one of the reasons that Chris Burch is always on the look out for some farfetched new ideas. After all, it is the courage of people that is going to bring the world forward in any given industry of the world .  To read more about his insight on things around his field of interest, check ceocfointerviews.com

Read more about Burch on https://ideamensch.com/chris-burch/

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José Auriemo Neto is Promoting the International Executive Airport


José Auriemo Neto is serving as the CEO of JHSF. This is a firm that is considered as a leader in high-end real estate development in Brazil. JHSF is currently in the process of presenting the first international airport in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

José Auriemo Neto is personally involved in this project. He has made sure that the airport can cater to Executive Aviation. Thus the airport will be capable of serving the existing executive aircraft doing international flights presently.

This airport being built by JHSF will have an air traffic control tower of its own. It will be equipped with precision instruments that will lead to smooth operations. There will be top-class infrastructure of the highest standard at the executive airport in order to ensure that it adheres to the international standards.

It will remain operational 24 hours a day. This will make the international airport convenient to the airlines as well as to passengers as there would be no timelines to adhere to regarding the operating hours.

Another feature incorporated by José Auriemo Neto here is the long runway. Its dimensions are 2.470mX 45m. This means that all types of international carriers can benefit by it.

JHSF is making the Catarina Executive Airport to receive big executive jets. These would include the Embraer Lineage 1000E from Gulfstream. It can also cater to Gulfstream G650 and G550, besides the Bombardier Global Express. The Executive Airport will be able to receive Falcon 7X along with the Falcon 2000 models. This way José Auriemo Neto has ensured that non-stop intercontinental flights can go from here to cities such as Paris, New York, or London.

From São Paulo this airport will be just 14 min away when traveling by helicopter. For those traveling by car, it will be just a 35 min drive from the main business centers of São Paulo.

The airport will have a total area of 2,000,000sq.m. This would include 50,000sq.m. of space for hangars besides 50,000sq.m. for patios.

José Auriemo Neto has designed the airport in such a way that the experience of flying from this Executive Airport will be truly unique.


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