Why Cleanse with WEN?

If you’ve ever tried co-washing, you know what I’m about to say…it’s the best! You can purchase one bottle for a low price, and then when you wash your hair you will end up with a shiny head of hair, the perfect example of why cleansing conditioner is sure to work for you.

If you have any doubts about it, try a WEN product today, and be sure that you relish how inexpensive their cleansing conditioner is compared to other products. You’ll just love that you only need to use one dollop on your hair, and you will also get all your hair clean this way! It’s the perfect answer.

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WEN has a variety of different cleansing conditioners for all hair types, which you can easily find online and easily use at home. You’ll find it Sephora.com or at local retailers near you, and their prices are always a good fit for your budget. If you have any questions about using WEN, simply write the company and they’ll answer them, and they are happy to give you testimony of how effective their products are.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy WEN products, especially the cleansing conditioner, today! It’s all you’ve wanted and more.

Still not convinced WEN’s cleansing conditioner will work for you? Watch this video to learn more.

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Mullen Lowe CEO Jose Borghi Gives His Thoughts on Co-Branding

Co-branding is a common marketing strategy used by many companies today. Co-branding helps add unique attractive attributes to brands. However, sometimes co-branding is not beneficial. When companies decide to build a partnership with another company, they should analzye the partnership to avoid any potential harmful and negative impacts. The Chief Executive Officer of advertising agency Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi, lists some important questions that companies must ask themselves before deciding that co-branding is a good idea to invest in.

Who is The Leader

In cases where one company is in charge of co-branding, this is important. It is very difficult to create an identity for this partnership, as most brands end up standing out, according to the agency Mullen Lowe Brasil on portaldapropaganda.com. It is a much better situation when all of the brands involved in co-branding are leading

Could This Ruin Our Reputation

Jose Borghi believes that the reputation of a brand in the market is fundamental. You need to take the reputation of your company into consideration. Because of this, if there is some potential risk to your company’s reputation due to co-branding, you should think about the situation. It may be in the best interests of your company to reject the project.

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What is The Main Channel

If the main channel of communication in the partnership consists of the corporate channel of the brands involved, it is more difficult to look at the identity of co-branding. Borghi advises that companies create a neutral channel.

All Content is According to The Co-Branding Strategy

Borghi notes that the co-branding strategy has its advantages when it is aligned with the individual strategies of the brands involved in the project. It is important that the company make sure that public communicating through co-branding does not differentiate from the values of the brand. The project should reinforce those values.

The Importance of The Brand For Your Company

Look at the relevance that other brands currently have. If they are well positioned in the market, they should reach more people through co-branding. Jose Borghi notes that you can determine the level of importance of this partnership on mullenlowegroup.com by analyzing the project and coming up with strategies to improve it.

Does The Partnership Make Sense

Advertising and marketing companies that choose to co-brand could potentially face a number of different issues. Because of this, Borghi notes that all companies should have reason to explain why the co-branding will be beneficial.

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What To Expect With Wen

The Bustle article “I Used Cleansing Cleansing Shampoo On My fine Hair and Here Is What Happened” detailed a young woman’s experimental week using the hair product Wen. The writer describes in detail how her hair looked really good after she used the cleansing conditioner in the morning and styled her hair. She also mentions that when she went out her friends commented on how shiny her hair looked. The reader found it to be a great product for women who liked to regularly wash and style their hair each morning.

Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner that is made to leave hair shiny and full of body without the use of harmful sulfates which is primarily used to create lather. Wen does not strip hair of its natural oil but instead creates strength and manageability. Wen is made from all natural ingredients like glycerin, chamomile extract, rosemary extract, panthenol, and wild cherry bark.

Directions for using Wen recommend using 10-16 pumps of product for short hair, 16-24 pumps for medium hair, and 24-32 pumps for long hair. The company also recommends that users use half the product for their first two shampoos. Afterward, users can increase pumps to the recommended amounts.

Wen is a five-in-one formula which substitutes regular shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, and leave-in product. The Wen hair care system can be used to cleanse, treat, boost, and style all types of hair.

Like Wen Hair Care on Facebook.

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Where Wen by Chaz Shines

What began as a passion for photography turned Chaz Dean into a stylist with celebrity clientele. He took some classes in photography and thought about their look so much he decided to attend cosmetology school. Once out of school, Dean specialized in color and cuts. While working on his skills, he began helping a company develop a hair care product line that he would be proud to stand behind.

Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/) became so well-known for his style that he became manager and then owner of an upscale salon in Beverly Hills. He moved it from Beverly Hills to Hollywood in order to allow his clients to feel more relaxed without the constant view from paparazzi. Thanks to his hard work, he is now able to develop a new all-natural hair care product while bouncing around working with people at his studio and wherever else the celebrities may need him.

Connect with Wen hair care online – Find them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter or Pinterest.

Emily McClure is someone who has tried his products. According to the Bustle.com article, she is a “die-hard hair care fanatic”. She noted that Wen by Chaz is a hair care product that is all-in-one: shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. Given all of the choices, she chose the fig version. This version promises moisture, bounce, and shine.

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On her first day of use, she noted that they ask her to use a lot more of the product than normal for her traditional routine; however, her hair felt thicker and she noticed less hair in the shower afterwards. On day two her hair started out greasy, something she did not expect. Day three was better, though and she noted that she was “overall impressed”. She continued the days between disastrous and happy with how shiny it looked. The overall decision was that it was not for someone who does not wash their hair daily; yet for the person looking for the daily shine, this is the bottle to reach for.

Looking to try Wen cleansing conditioner for yourself? Click here.

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Why is Wen by Chaz the Best Hair Care Product?

Everyone will advise you on what types of hair products you should use to get your dream hair. Some are effective and most are not. The fact remains, without consuming necessary nutrients that are vital for hair growth and maintenance, chances of getting your dream hair are next to nil. Some of these nutrients that you should concentrate on taking include vegetables, fish, pumpkin seeds, soybeans and other iron rich foods. For stronger hair, you need to increase your protein intake.

Whenever you comb your hair, you should ensure that you do it with a lot of care to avoid breakage, the human hair is so fragile. It is normal for the comb to be left with some hairs, that shouldn’t worry you. Another thing is the hair shouldn’t be washed daily and whenever you do, ensure you use a conditioner or shampoo. It is recommended to use one brand of shampoo for your hair cleaning. To avoid those roughs split ends, you should ensure that you trim your hair after every 4-6 weeks. The trim should be a quarter inch and should often be done.

Using hair products like oils and shampoos is also relevant for a great looking hair. What should be avoided is switching from different hair products after now and then. There are thousands of different brands of hair products and brands in the market today. You should choose what to use carefully to avoid it having adverse effects on your hair.

Wen is a cleansing hair conditioner and a product of Chaz. By using WEN, you won’t need shampoo, a conditioner or a detangler. The product contains all this. Wen cleanses your hair, and it does not contain lather or the common sulfates in most shampoos. It ensures the national oils on your hair are not stripped and leaves the hair with adequate moisture. Wen products are available at QVC or via https://www.amazon.com/WEN-Sweet-Almond-Cleansing-Conditioner/dp/B0048O2R1E.

Visit the WEN Facebook and Twitter account to get updates!

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Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners raise over $22,000 for Uncommon Schools of New York

The Dynamic Search Partners Founder, Keith Mann, held a fundraising occasion at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden for the Uncommon Schools. Members of the financial community service joined forces to raise over $22,000 for the schools. The funds raised will sponsor the low-income students to join high school during the 2014-2015 years.


The Uncommon Schools goal is to close the gap of achievement and prepare the low-income students to make the college mark clear. The founder of Dynamic search Partners, Keith Mann, explained that they support this work and mission to provide the chance t attain a college education.


The Uncommon Schools are opening a secondary school in New York. The funding will institute AP and PSAT testing tools for students. For the inaugural school year, the funds will work towards achieving a standardization mark in the schools. Before organizing the fundraising, Dynamic Search Partners has dedicated over $10,000 to meet all student testing needs.


Dynamic search Partners began their work in the Uncommon Schools in New York. The goal of the company is to strengthen the relationship between meaningful and on-going assistance to low-income scholars. These funds will help the schools create tactical skills to help researchers achieve their college goals. Keith Mann supports their commitment and innovation to academic excellence at their respective levels of education. For this year, they will work closely with the students to achieve their goal. For years to come, the Dynamic Search Partners will continue providing the necessary assistance to the Uncommon Schools.


Keith Mann says that they are thrilled to partner with the Uncommon Schools. He also says that they have a program to tour the schools. They plan on holding meetings at their classrooms. He is fascinated by how the students are eager to enter college and pursue their dreams. They want to build a future in education.


Keith Mann has worked as an executive in the executive search industry for more than one decade. He is an expert in staffing, hedge fund compensation, and hiring strategy. Keith Mann has managed the company to see it recruit for numerous financial enterprises in the world.

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Chris Burch And Advancements

Chris Burch is someone that is very thoughtful. He has made a lot of articles that provide a lot of useful insights. Among the useful bits and pieces of information is the article that he has written that talks about technology and fashion. Right now, there is a lot of talk when it comes to wearable technology. Among the pieces of wearable technology are smart watches and heart monitors. Chris Burch is someone who not only has a lot of good ideas, but also uses them to his advantage. He has used a lot of creativity in his career to start a lot of businesses.

One thing that could be said for Chris Burch is that he is someone who has figured out the formula for success when it comes to starting businesses. One thing that Chris would advise people is to find something that they are passionate about and start a business around it. However, it is very important to make sure that a plan is put in place with room for flexibility. The plan has to involve a lot of work and creativity being thrown into the start up. That way, not only will he speed up the process of success, but he will also not be discouraged.

One very important aspect of business that Chris would name is the marketing of the business. People need to take the time to reach out in as many mediums as they can. This involves finding some of the strongest platforms they can use and focusing all of their energy on putting it to good use. When people work really hard on the marketing aspect of their business, they will find that they will start getting visits. The other important aspect is making sure that they provide good service to the customers.

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Don Ressler, Fabletics, Ecommerce, And Traditional Shopping

JustFab, Fabletics and plenty of other brands are all online stores. They have been built on the principles of ecommerce. They have also succeed as online subscription retailers. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg got to experience the advantages of online businesses. For one thing, businesses are a lot easier to build over the web. Another thing is that the internet is also inexpensive when it comes to setting up a business. For one thing, there is no need to rent space, or build a building. The internet makes it easy to supply the merchandising as well. Also, there is a lot more room to handle the other aspects of the business.

While Don Ressler has taken advantage of all of the strengths of online marketing, him and Adam have seen that they are still limiting themselves in what they can accomplish. For one thing, there are still people that are willing to shop in stores. Some people do still remember the mall as a social environment, and clothes shopping was always a social activity. Some people still prefer the traditional form of shopping for anything, including clothing. This is part of what led to the decision to open up physical locations.

With Fabletics, people not only get to enjoy the clothes that they got to buy from the site, but they also get to experience the advantages that come with a brick and mortar location. For instance, people get to experience the advantages of being able to try on the products that they want. They also get to have the products that they pay for immediately as opposed to waiting until the product arrives at their place. This could take up to a couple of weeks depending on the shipping method that is used. Fabletics has made a successful and wise decision in taking the business to physical locations.

With the choice to open up physical locations, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler has seen the advantages that come with maximizing their sales to the public. Now, they have time to think about their next move when it comes to increasing success for their company.

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Get A Quality Tutorial Filled With Makeup Tips

Lime Crime is a unique makeup blend that provides a bold assortment of colors that are attractive to risk takers and busy professionals. They provide a velvetine matte base that is appropriate for all skin types. Velvetine matte goes on smooth, but dries to a perfected makeup finish. Best of all, their products are waterproof. You can easily order their products from an online website with a list of exclusive products, promotional offers, and discounts from their customers. They are committed to giving women a chance to make a bold statement with their makeup. However, with the extensive amount of color options there may come a time that some of their users would like a tutorial on how to use their cosmetics.


Lime Crime Tutorials On Youtube


You can visit Youtube for a unique collection of tutorials that will assist women in applying, removing, and matching their makeup products. One of the most popular for Lime Crime comes from Celia Leslie. They are actual testimonials from real users like you. They provide one of a kind tutorials that will help you match your makeup to the right attire and more. You can put their makeup name in the search tutorial and choose from a list of over 100+ tutorials from several of their regular cosmetic wearers. In fact, their tutorials will assist you in removing their waterproof makeup and the best colors for the season. Viewers can also get tips on new products before they hit the market.


You can make a statement with one of the largest growing makeup leaders in the industry. They provide women the opportunity to have vibrant makeup choices. You can ditch the dull dry colors of the late 90’s a beautify yourself with an award winning cosmetic line. You’re invited to learn about Lime Crime products by visiting their exclusive website today.  Otherwise you can follow them for news and updates, including social media resources like Tumblr, and Doe’s personal blog “I Love Lime Crime”.

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Josh Verne’s Perspective on Attaining Success by Eliminating Self Hindering Traits

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who sells his self-established companies. He found WorkPays.me in 2012 in partnership with Paul Dumas and Jon Dorfman.Workpays.me focuses on making available high-end products to its clients at an affordable rate while eliminating hidden and interest fees. The company gives financing in instalments using one’s bank account or paycheck.


Josh Verne set up Flocku.com in 2015 and is the current CEO.Flocku.com is a mobile student platform that provides news on trending issues affecting students.


Before establishing Workpays.me, Josh headed Home Line Industries between 1995 to 2011.The Philadelphia-based company grew from a furniture store to an international home furnishings supplier catering to clients across the United States.


During a recent podcast, Josh Verne stated some of his critical perspectives on how to not block one’s path towards success.they are listed below

  1. He noted that a leader is the best character to inspire productivity at work. Josh said that unlike a boss, who demands respect and acts at his convenience, a leader recruits people under his leadership by earning their respect and moving for everyone’s convenience. He added that leadership unifies a team towards a set goal.
  2. Josh advised that one should avoid win-lose situations. The most rewarding take would be to deal a situation that is a win for employees, clients, and the society. He explained that taking paths that lead to partial winning for the parties involved will always require a revision of plan to output a different result that will benefit the parties that lost. An initial win-win approach ensures that the business maintains positive progress.
  3. According to Josh, the number one key that leads to success is following one’s highest passion. He explained that a larger percentage of successful people have a passion that drives them towards inputting a daily effort to reach their goal.
  4. Verne encouraged the listeners that one has to have a balanced life to enjoy both the career and social life. A stable home and maintained health ensure that one has enough energy to take on each day without unnecessary worries. He advised that if one is not in good health or on a progressive track in life, it is possible to begin building towards a better future gradually.
  5. Josh noted that speaking less with more effect is a powerful trait to have. The skill makes one authoritative to listeners.


Find out more about Josh Verne:


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